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Sono Motors GmbH

Sono Motors GmbH
Country: Germany

Sono Motors GmbH - The first Solar Electric Vehicle. A car charging itself. Sono Motors is a global mobility and energy service provider.


We need to stop wasting our planet’s resources. CO₂ emissions must be reduced. We are taking matters into our own hands by making clean mobility affordable for everyone. For you. For generations to come.


The Sion is the first series-produced car that can additionally charge its battery using solar power. A car charging itself – a Solar Electric Vehicle.

Thanks to 248 solar cells seamlessly integrated into the body, the Sion can charge its battery during the day through the power of the sun and can generate up to 34 kilometers of additional range per day. With a range of 255 kilometers according to WLTP standard you can also cover longer distances trouble-free. For effortless mobility.

Sono Motors Vision is to become an established provider of sustainable mobility, by focusing on manufacturing electric vehicles with alternative power technologies and innovative sharing services.

Their first model will be an electric car called “Sion” with the inclusion of photovoltaics (“viSono”) in the chassis, a range of 250 km and a retail 

price of 16 000€. In short: an affordable mainstream electric car which provides an array of solutions for the future of e-mobility and urban transport.

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