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Robot toy Finch 2.0 - Finch is a programmable robot that brings computer science to life by providing students from kindergarten to college with a hands-on view of their code. Note that Finch uses micro: bit as processor; you must have one to control the robot. Each Finch includes a micro USB cable for charging and downloading to micro: bit...

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Матвій Полюхович

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What's so special about Amplitec 5g mobile signal booster?     The first point is Support 4G+5G input and output, not only support 5g frequency. At present, this technology Amplitec is very mature, and we will gradually open the customization of 4g+5g tri-band, quad-band and five-band signal repeater. As the top mobile phone signal amplifier manufacturer in China, it is not a vain reputation.     The most cost-effective, you can't find products with the same quality and lower prices than ours.     There is a display screen showing real-time parameters, not only automatic gain control but also manual adjustment of gain and power.

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