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Kitchen Robot Moley - The future has already arrived Moley is a revolutionary step into the future of home cooking. This is the world's first fully robotic kitchen. Moley's robotic kitchen allows you to save time, free your day from the hassle of cooking, plan and adapt your menu to suit differen..
Ex Tax:$360,000.00
Robot Fari Robot Fari
New Free
Robot Fariis specially designed for seniors to give them everything they need to stay focused, connected and involved. Especially in cases where there are not enough educators who could take the time to talk or watch. Interacting with Fari is easy and fun, and her powerful AI and Machine Learning mo..
Ex Tax:$0.00
Tabletop robot bartender Seearress In the future, robots will do a lot for us, including preparing and serving drinks. This tabletop bartender robot is a compact robot that can serve you drinks and collect bottle caps in its piggy bank. It also automatically throws bottles into the side waste bin. ..
Ex Tax:$600.00
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