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OTSAW Digital Pte Ltd

OTSAW Digital Pte Ltd
Country: Singapore

OTSAW Digital Pte Ltd is a global pioneer in advanced robotic technology and next generation artificial intelligence for healthcare, safety and mobility applications to improve safety, business processes and daily life.

OTSAW was founded to improve business processes, security and daily life.

With a global team that extends from Singapore to Silicon Valley, we create robotic solutions for security, delivery and mobility applications by integrating our self-driving and artificial intelligence technologies into cutting-edge OTSAW machines.

Delivery Robot Camello Otsaw Delivery Robot Camello Otsaw
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Brand: OTSAW
Last Mile Delivery Robot Camello The last mile of the supply chain, which accounts for a significant portion of transportation costs and operational complexity, is often the most inefficient. Such distribution inefficiencies in urban areas are due to low load rates, long waiting times at loading and..
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