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Country: Israel

Mobileye is a global leader in computer vision and machine learning, localization and mapping, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) policy, autonomous driving and big data analytics to empower smarter cities.

Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology is used in more than 65 million vehicles and is integrated into hundreds of new vehicle models from the world's largest automakers. Mobileye started with the concept of reducing vehicle stalls and, as a result, injuries and deaths.

Mobileye is building one of the most advanced collision avoidance systems on the market today, while working on autonomous driving and the upcoming revolution of autonomous mobility as a service (MaaS) in road safety.

Since 2004, Mobileye has offered an upgraded version of its technology to fleets around the world, simplifying fleet management through improved safety, efficiency and cost savings. Mobileye manufactures one of the most advanced collision avoidance systems on the market. This technology can be installed in almost any vehicle and offers multiple emergency signals in one system, helping the driver to combat distracted driving and avoid or mitigate collisions. The system is available with a single forward-facing camera sensor or a multi-camera sensor designed specifically to deal with the dangerous blind spots of large vehicles and buses.

In 2018, Mobileye introduced the first ever connected version of its upgrade technology, Mobileye 8 Connect ™. When an equipped vehicle travels around a city, its collision avoidance system collects data on what it sees and sends it to the cloud. This information provides planners and utility companies with valuable information about the assets and structures of the city, as well as how cars and citizens move, while maintaining personal privacy.

Mobileye, an Intel company, was founded in 1999 with the belief that visual safety technology will make our roads safer, reduce traffic congestion and save lives. With a forward-looking team of over 1,700 employees, Mobileye has developed a range of software products that are deployed on its own family of computer chips called EyeQ®.

Mobileye is a leading provider of software support for Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) with more than 25 manufacturing partners, including some of the largest in the world. In addition to ADAS, our technology has evolved rapidly and now supports the three main areas of autonomous driving - recognition, display and driving policy. As a result of this broad and well-advanced product offering, we have reached a production-ready, fully autonomous vehicle development partnership with BMW and Intel, with production scheduled to start in 2021, and another partnership with Delphi Tier 1 supplier for Turnkey System will manufactured since 2019 with customers' OEMs.

We strive to continue our two-year tradition of using the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, deep learning and crowdsourcing, to create the hardware and software needed to help our 25+ OEM partners use ADAS systems and ultimately fully autonomous vehicles. These partners choose Mobileye because of our expertise in innovation and because our systems have been tested for the highest levels of safety and accuracy over millions of miles.

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