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Kitchen Robot Moley

Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
Kitchen Robot Moley
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Kitchen Robot Moley - The future has already arrived
Moley is a revolutionary step into the future of home cooking. This is the world's first fully robotic kitchen.

Moley's robotic kitchen allows you to save time, free your day from the hassle of cooking, plan and adapt your menu to suit different diets and lifestyles, enjoy international cuisine anytime, control calories and get tips and recipes from chefs around the world.

The robot not only prepares complete meals, but also tells you when to replace ingredients, suggests meals based on the items you have, knows what you like, and even cleans surfaces after itself.

Our vision will turn your knowledge of cooking and nutrition upside down. Now you have the chance to become the owner of the world's first robotic kitchen. The Moley Kitchen robot can cook up to 5,000 recipes and clean up after itself. The robot was created by Russian mathematician and programmer Mark Oleinik with the help of Tim Anderson, a culinary innovator and winner of the 2011 BBC MasterChef series. The robot's design includes two fully articulated arms that mimic human movement, allowing the bot to retrieve ingredients from the refrigerator, adjust temperature scales, and fill, pour, mix and bowls.

Even before the pandemic, restaurants began experimenting with robotic kitchens, but now the ability to reduce cross-contamination between people has taken on new importance for the safety of staff and guests. Technique
Beauty and shine
Working in perfect harmony with the Moley kitchen, discover the world's first line of home appliances fully adapted for robotic arms. Combining exquisite craftsmanship and precision, our kitchen appliances are unrivaled in form and function.

Moley cookware and kitchenware were developed in collaboration with a leading Italian home appliance company. Key features include ergonomic heat-resistant handles, mirror-polished stainless steel, an aluminum inner layer and a magnetic stainless steel outer layer, making the cookware adaptable to any hob. Meanwhile, the exceptional design makes the tableware also worthy of use at the table.

All items are perfect for both robotic and human hands, bringing a complete and innovative technological experience to your kitchen. Show, Share, Create, Inspire
From professionals to amateurs, innovative chefs from around the world share recipes, tips and ideas. Become a Moley Ambassador and participate in the creation of an innovative culinary community, create your own recipes, upload them to the Recipe Library and inspire others to try even famous dishes in a new way.

We invite chefs to collaborate and support our mission of healthy and freshly prepared food for everyone.

The Moley Kitchen is a fully automated kitchen unit comprised of cupboards, robotic arms and hands, a recipe recording system, a connected GUI screen with access to a recipe library, and a complete set of kitchen appliances and equipment optimized for both robots and people.

The robotic apparatus consists of two highly sophisticated robotic arms and various types of sensors, which are integrated into a high-precision and lightweight frame structure. They have the ability to replicate the movements of a human hand, while a robotic chef is able to recreate the skills of human cooks, such as learning new recipes.

Each Moley kitchen is bespoke, so the finished design is tailored to your wishes, needs and the vision of your dream interior. To find out about additional options and decide what is best for you, contact our sales team or use the kitchen configurator.

Automated storage of dishes
Practical, functional and stylish engineers have created automated storage facilities specifically designed for pans and pots. Each item has its own dedicated space, making it easy to access the cookware at your command. If necessary, the dishes are automatically pulled out of the storage and can be used by both robots and humans. Intelligent sensors detect in real time what cookware is in stock and advise you on what to use if you are cooking yourself. To make it more comfortable for a person, the dish compartment can be pulled forward for full access to the dishes.

Moli's robotic kitchen
Each Moley kitchen is custom made to fit into any décor. Customize your kitchen and send us a request.

Robotic arm
The five-finger robotic arm is one of the key features of the kitchen. This is a revolutionary product, even among those comparable in the market. Thanks to sensors at the ends of the arms, the robot can feel pressure on the arm from different directions, which ensures that objects and ingredients are properly gripped in the hand.

The anthropomorphic arm, developed in partnership with a leading robotics manufacturer in Germany, can operate devices and use pre-contained ingredients just like a human. This means he can use kitchen utensils and kitchen utensils, operate touch-screen appliances, and clean kitchen surfaces after finishing work. Meanwhile, thanks to its adaptive operating system, it can also learn to use new hardware.

It went through 11 development cycles instead of the three planned to ensure that the required performance, reliability and safety levels were achieved.

The arm has been tested for 100,000 work cycles, making the level of reliability unique to the arms of anthropomorphic robots.

The Moley robotic arm, the first of its kind, is patented in countries around the world and is designed to be both practical and aesthetic. Its industrial grade components ensure it will withstand daily use, making it reliable and easy to use, and it also makes it possible to prepare meals that any chef would be proud of.

Commercial kitchens
When our first robotic kitchen prototype was unveiled at the 2015 Hannover Messe, it generated a lot of interest in the hospitality, restaurant and restaurant business. We are currently in the process of creating integrated robotic solutions for commercial kitchens, including single component technologies as well as an end-to-end cooking experience.

The commercial robotic kitchen can be tailored and customized to suit individual needs, supporting hotels, restaurants, medical and educational institutions, and nursing homes. By automating processes, it reduces costs and delivers healthy, freshly prepared and gourmet meals safely and efficiently.

Our vision is especially relevant in the aftermath of the global coronavirus pandemic, as well as in any other epidemiological situation, when people are especially concerned about hygiene and more need contactless services to avoid disease transmission where possible. We understand that any inaccuracy in the operation of a robotic kitchen can lead to serious disruptions in the production process, which is unacceptable in a commercial environment. Therefore, we conduct extensive technology testing to deliver a reliable and functional commercial product without compromise.

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