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Backfire Ranger X2 Off Road Electric SkateboardThe Backfire Ranger X2 is the second edition of the BACKFIRE all-purpose, all-terrain electric skateboard.Backfire Ranger X2 off-road electric skateboard with 1200W X2 super high torque motors and 12S high voltage high performance electronic system.The ..
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Brand: Goal Zero
Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase Solar Charging Kit - SOLAR PANELS Whether you are charging your phone or charging your battery, solar power will help you. Our range of portable monocrystalline solar panels are durable, reliable and easy to use. Harness solar power wherever you go with portable sola..
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Brand: SAIC Motor
Box van truck SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition adds a second story to the classic residential building. A tea room, an outdoor area and an elevator that can be accessed make this holiday car stand out in the Chinese market. The two-storey mobile home is full of surprises. In driving mode, t..
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Bricklaying robot Hadrian X Bricklaying robot Hadrian X
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Bricklaying robot Hadrian X Precision Construction Robot The Hadrian X® is the world's first mobile robotic machine and block stacker that can safely and quickly and accurately work outdoors in uncontrolled conditions. Hadrian X® builds block structures from a 3D CAD model, generating much less w..
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Brand: Polydrops
The Polydrop P17A Camping Trailer is a battery-powered, zero-emission mobile room that can travel with most vehicles, including electric vehicles. Polydrop P17A is a zero-emission, battery-powered mobile room that can travel with most vehicles, including electric vehicles. Get to know the future wi..
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Brand: Razor USA LLC
The Razor MX350 Kids E-Bike is a compact, battery-powered electric motocross motorcycle from Razor USA LLC for off-road racing. Large knobby tires, swivel throttle, hand rear brake and chain-driven motor deliver superior performance.ELECTRIC POWERThe MX350 Dirt Rocket has received several toy awards..
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Brand: Volcon
Children's electric motorcycle Volcon Runt - It's never too early to learn to ride, and the electric boom makes getting to know the bike even easier. The latest Volcon Runt, Grunt's little brother, introduced last year. Despite its size, the Runt is not without features. Using a scaled-down version ..
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Brand: Peraves CZ
The MonoRacer is a fully enclosed electric motorcycle that stands out above the rest of its competitors. With its unique design, advanced power and performance, this bike redefines what it means to ride a motorcycle. MonoRacer offers luxury, quality performance and one of the best motorcycles on the..
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Cobot Sawyer Rethink Robotics In BLACK Edition, Sawyer remains an easy-to-use, flexible and widespread collaborative robot. One year after taking over the assets of the HAHN Group, Rethink Robotics introduces the Sawyer BLACK Edition. The advanced equipment is based on a combination of German eng..
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Brand: Techman Robot
Cobot Techman Robot TM12 (along with TM14) is one of the most powerful collaboration robots out there. With a lifting capacity of 12 kg, the robot is suitable for the toughest tasks in the industry. Thanks to their high strength, these cobots are ideal for packing heavy loads. Imagine stacking large..
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Cobot Universal Robots UR3 - Small, light and flexible cobot is an industrial robotic arm designed to simulate repetitive manual tasks weighing up to 3 kg. Universal Robots UR3 is the smallest and lightest cobot in the UR line. Compact robot weighing 11 kg and carrying capacity up to 3 kg. With a ra..
Ex Tax:$25,500.00
Cobot Universal Robots UR5 - is the mid-range cobot in the UR range, a highly flexible robotic arm that enables the safe automation of repetitive and risky tasks. It is the ideal cobot for light tasks such as packaging, assembly or testing. Flexible robot weighing 18.4 kg and carrying capacity up ..
Ex Tax:$30,500.00
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