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Gripper Gecko Single Pad SP1

Gripper Gecko Single Pad SP1
Gripper Gecko Single Pad SP1
Gripper Gecko Single Pad SP1
Gripper Gecko Single Pad SP1
Gripper Gecko Single Pad SP1
Gripper Gecko Single Pad SP1
Gripper Gecko Single Pad SP1
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Gripper Gecko Single Pad SP1 Gripper features grip technology that leaves no marks on shiny surfaces. The Gecko Single Pad Gripper is compact, lightweight and requires no cables, electricity, air, or programming for cost-effective plug-and-play performance.

Maximum payload: 1 kg

Gecko SP is available in three sizes; SP1, SP3 and SP5, named for the grapple capacity in kilograms, with the ability to lift a wide range of flat, smooth, shiny or perforated surfaces. Since this technology does not mark glossy surfaces, no cleaning is required in the manufacturing process, which saves time and improves production.

All of our grippers, torque sensors and tool changers are compatible with robots from Doosan, TM Robot, Yaskawa, Universal Robots, KUKA, Fanuc, Kawasaki Robotics, Hanwha, Nachi, Denso, ABB and Kassow. Because our products are compatible with major robot brands, you will be able to get the most out of your robots right from the start. If your robot is from another manufacturer, this does not mean that our grippers will be incompatible with it. Contact us to discuss which solution is most suitable for you. Check robot compatibility here.

Our robot arm grippers add intelligence to collaborative processes
Collaborative robots, also known as "cobots," and light industrial robots are widespread today thanks to the development of versatile terminal handling equipment such as robot arm grippers, sensors and quick tool changers. By combining the functionality of your robot with the right end gripper, you expand its ability to perform complex processes in safe collaboration with operators.
It is known that collaborative technologies are beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses, and in addition:

Shortening the implementation period
Collaborative robots and end grippers are designed with simple programming in mind, so even employees with no technical experience can learn how to use and adapt the robot in no time. This adaptability gives manufacturers the freedom and flexibility to experiment with use cases in preparation for potentially new needs.

Flexible production
Making unique tools for specific production tasks is costly and unprofitable. At the same time, the terminal handling equipment can be easily deployed to solve various tasks and processes and seamlessly integrated into various production environments.

Flexible end grippers allow robots to perform repetitive tasks with greater consistency and accuracy than workers, providing a faster return on investment for manufacturers. While robots perform monotonous, messy, and dangerous tasks, employees can tackle higher-level tasks better suited to the human mind.

Our robot arm grippers add intelligence to collaborative processes
OnRobot's intelligent endpoint handling solutions enable robots to work in highly adaptable, high-precision applications that were, until now, too complex to automate. Learn more about how innovative solutions can impact the possibilities of today's collaborative technologies.

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