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Country: Slovakia

A beautiful, smart, self-contained micro-house. Imagine your new freedom. Anywhere.

Ecocapsule is an energy efficient home packaged in a compact form. It combines an energy efficient shape, compact volume and autonomy with luxurious amenities such as a warm bed, running water and hot meals. Despite its small size, each eco-capsule can accommodate two adults.

Its well-thought-out spatial layout allows you to enjoy the convenience of a utility room offline. Built-in kitchenettes with running water, flush toilets and hot showers are a hotel room luxury that is now available in the wild. Plenty of storage space will also fit all of your sports or research equipment. Despite its small shape, each eco-capsule is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable long stay without the need to recharge or replenish supplies.

The Ecocapsule is powered by an integrated wind turbine complemented by many solar cells.

The dual power system and high capacity battery ensure you have enough power during periods of low solar or wind activity.

The spherical shape is optimized for collecting rainwater and dew, and the built-in water filters allow you to use any water source. The Ecocapsule's hull is covered with 2.6 m2 of high-efficiency solar cells, and an extendable pole is additionally attached to the hull to hold the 750 W wind turbine. This creates an energy system that can support you for almost a year in many off-grid locations. The Ecocapsule is placed in a standard shipping container, and no special preparations and precautions are required to transport the Ecocapsule around the world. It can be delivered, airlifted, towed, or even pulled by a pack animal.

Brand: Ecocapsule
Autonomous home Space Ecocapsule - SPACE by Ecocapsule ® is a semi-autonomous microsystem with a beautiful ORIGINAL design and solar panels to collect green energy. This gives an additional 6.3 m2 of living space to any building or space used. This could be your home garden office, a small business ..
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