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Customer Assistant Robot Quinn

Customer Assistant Robot Quinn
Customer Assistant Robot Quinn
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Customer Assistant Robot Quinn
Customer Assistant Robot Quinn
Customer Assistant Robot Quinn
Customer Assistant Robot Quinn is your new customer experience update

Your Robot Customer Assistant
Quinn combines artificial intelligence interaction with remote manual control to provide charming, professional and cutting edge customer service. Do visitors need a pass? Quinn can do it. The client has a problem? Quinn can get an answer. Want an active POS system? Our friend Quinn is ahead of his time.

Strong and durable, always ready to surprise the world
Quinn is engineered to please customers. Its robust design and innovative automation means that from any check-in counter, information point, ticket counter, check-in counter or lobby, they can take care of your customers' needs. The robot is ready to use out of the box and does not require any special setup or experience.

Quinn's face tracking feature allows him to maintain constant eye contact with visitors. Quinn's sensors, software and facial expressions allow it to respond to your customers' emotions. In other words, Quinn is a true professional.

We work anywhere
Quinn's state-of-the-art sensor array allows it to record clear sound in noisy environments and track movements in crowded rooms at any time.

A proximity sensor allows Quinn to verify the identity of customers as they approach.
Microphone Grille Provides Clear Sound Anytime
Voice recognition allows you to track conversations with multiple clients at the same time
Automatic eye contact and facial expressions
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Comprehensive robotic service
Quinn can work with devices such as automatic doors, pass scanners, etc., so they can meet the needs of your customers in terms of login, ticket office and retail outlets.

Flexible software can easily interact with your system
Sensors can track the movement of an entire room
Improved facial recognition allows Quinn to remember your customers
All simple interactions will be handled automatically
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Convenient communication at any time
When the content of a conversation becomes too complex to answer automatically, Quinn can easily pass the baton to an operator, who can quickly transform into a robot.

Easily answer audio and video calls
Send and receive messages to customers via chat channels
Tough issues are tackled so you can focus on serving your customers.
Multiple Quinn allows you to manage multiple physical objects remotely from anywhere in the world, one solution.

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