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CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution

CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution
CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution
CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution
CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution
CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution
CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution
CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution
CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution
CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution
CobotTM Robot Techman Standalone Solution - Standalone Cobot TM ROBOT Solution

Smart Built-in Vision System
TM Robot is equipped with an integrated vision system that integrates perfectly into both hardware and software, compared to additional vision systems for robotics, which are more time-consuming and expensive to implement.

Simple painless programming
Control the functions and programming of your TM Robots with TMflow TM, an innovative stream-based editing software that allows you to program with simple click and drag movements. With TMflowTM you can create your own cobot projects without any programming.

Safe Force Limiting
Ensure the safety of your workers and anyone who comes too close to or interacts with the TM Robot. These cobots will stop immediately upon collision with any object, preventing further injury to both humans and vehicles.

Flexible Automation Regardless Of Your Industry
We offer three series of cobot solutions: regular payload, medium-heavy payload, and mobile. These series are available in various sizes and payloads to suit specific applications and requirements. Every standalone cobot solution includes a robot arm equipped with TMvision and TMflow. We also offer tools and peripherals (TM Plug & Play) that work together seamlessly. Our mobile TM Robot series can also be easily integrated with an automated vehicle for applications requiring mobility to switch between multiple workstations.

TM Robot is a high performance manufacturing tool that is highly compatible and flexible for human and machine collaboration. Compared to traditional industrial robots that require more manpower to maintain rigorous workplace conditions, our friendly TM robot can do the job safely without such hassle. It demonstrates how companies can use technology to work faster and better without having to have millions of capital or large production to justify the investment. Cobot technology has undergone many developments and is now available and accessible to small businesses.

In an era where quality prevails over quantity, machines that can provide both can give you a competitive edge. Go beyond the traditional and choose collaborative robots. Robot TM will be your best option for building a smart factory.

SMART Integrated Vision System: TMvision TM
Robot vision, or the ability to "see" and interpret visual data on the command line, is one of the features that makes collaborative robots superior to traditional industrial robotics. TM Vision TM is an embedded vision system that provides the user with convenient programming functions such as vision recognition, positioning, image enhancement, barcode identification, etc.

Object detection module
Supports shape / image based pattern matching, position alignment and irregular object detection to identify a specific object in the field of view. Users can also use an external imaging system to detect an object and send the result back to TMvision TM.

Image Enhancer Supports contrast enhancement, anti-aliasing and image thresholding, morphology, color plane extraction, and image flipping.

Barcode identification module Supports barcode / QR code / 2D DataMatrix reading, color classification and string matching. Users can also use an external system to perform classification and send the result back to TMvision TM.

Process Oriented Interface
TMvision TM is a process oriented user interface. Easily follow the software instructions and build up the functional process step by step, then your visual task will be ready for deployment in no time!

One Click Visual Calibration
Simply place the TM Calibration Board under the camera and the rest of the calibration process is straightforward to a push of a button for EIH and ETH Vision.

TM Landmark
This unique feature allows TM Robot to scan the landmark and update the coordinates of all objects in the workspace without re-setting. TM Landmark is much faster as it overcomes the traditional limitation of being unable to move the robot.

Replace Traditional Programming With Intuitive Interface And Graphics
Patented technology allows operators with no programming experience to quickly learn and program their first robotic task.

Painless Programming: TMflow TM
Take full control of collaborative robots on your production or assembly lines. Thanks to TMflow TM, you can program each TM robot to work exactly the way you want it to.

TMflowTM is a user-friendly flow-based robot editing software that allows users to create cobot workflows. It is a simple program that can be clicked and dragged, which means that programming knowledge is not a prerequisite for humans to use it. Operators with no IT experience can also program a project in as little as five minutes.

Simplify the Process: TMflow TM Component Editor
Don't want to waste time recreating the same workflows across different robot tasks?
The TM Component Editor TM provides you with the ability to combine and package compiled streams into components. You can use these components in your new projects to reduce the time and effort required to recreate them. With the components configured, it can also streamline your project process for faster editing.

Ergonomic Design And Force Limiting
Techman Robot meets the requirements of ISO 10218-1: 2011 and ISO / TS 15066: 2016 for the safety of cooperation between robots and robots. TM Robot can provide a safe, pressure-free environment for the operator to work.

Safety is our priority
TM Robot allows you to indicate harmful parts of the human body that the robot can harm in the TMflow user interface. You can also set speed limits for the robot arm when it is working in a collaborative workspace.

In addition, the TM Robot can perform an emergency stop when a collision is detected, which minimizes possible damage.

TM Robot is safe and easy to operate. Thanks to the integrated vision system developed by Techman Robot, our cobots are the best solution for industrial automation applications in all industries. For example, electronics, metalworking, machining, food processing, automotive and even logistics.

TM Robot integrates into various applications and production sites:
3D Garbage Collection, AGV, Assembling, Conveyor Tracking, Adhesive Dispensing, Injection Molding, Marking, Machine Care, Packaging, Palletizing, PCB Handling, Pick and Place, Polishing and Deburring, Quality Inspection, Screw Drive, Soldering and Welding ...

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