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Country: France

U-FEEL is primarily a team of technophiles committed to developing technology. The project is aimed at finding cleaner, simpler and larger units that are as close as possible to your needs.

We offer modular technology: create a bike that really suits you.

U-FEEL creates its own products and aims to relocate production 100% to France. The aim is to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible during the production process.

We support you in transforming your bike: discover our forum where we want to benefit as many people as possible.


A close-knit team that wants to share its passion for technology in the service of sustainable and active mobility. Indeed, we collaborate with organizations and laboratories throughout Europe. We also want to partner with you so that we can create products that best suit your needs.


This technology will comfortably accompany you on all your daily trips. We are deeply convinced that active and sustainable mobility also allows you to thrive and improve your physical condition. Therefore, it should be open to everyone.


We design products with the primary goal of reducing our environmental impact by minimizing resource consumption, maximizing their lifespan and reducing our energy needs.


Obtaining environmentally friendly products, recognized by everyone for their environmental value, will necessarily require complete transparency in the production methods, the materials used and the transport used.

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