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Seaformatics Systems WaterLily

Seaformatics Systems WaterLily
Country: Canada

Seaformatics Systems Inc.

Here at WaterLily, our team is committed to helping our clients reduce their environmental impact. WaterLily is a clean energy turbine that allows users to obtain clean, sustainable energy from their natural surroundings with zero impact on the local environment.

On average, WaterLily users collect enough power to replace 1 million AA batteries every 4 days, as well as 91 million AA batteries every year!

A single turbine water lily can also change a person's life, affecting the improvement cycle of an entire community.

To find out how a turbine water lily is helping to cope with energy poverty in developing countries.

The WaterLily is a portable turbine loved by campers, rowers, filmmakers and autonomous lovers around the world. It charges phones, speakers, cameras, rechargeable batteries and even 12V devices by generating electricity from rivers and streams. Now, with our WindLily accessory, you can also harness..
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