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SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation

SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation
Country: USA

SEAmagine is a California-based company founded in 1995 and a leading manufacturer of small personal submarines and private submarines with over 12,000 dives accumulated by its existing fleet. The company produces models of its personal submarines for depths from 100 to 2500 meters. All personal and private submarines are based on the company's patented technology, which provides superior surface stability as well as superior underwater performance. All personal and private submarines are classified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and approved by the Cayman Islands Shipping Register (CISR).


SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation has a long history of manufacturing personal submarines and private submarines. The company's private submarines have completed thousands of dives around the world from a wide variety of superyacht types and in a wide variety of marine environments. These personal and private submarines have been used in scientific, commercial and superyachts, as well as in National Geographic, the BBC and numerous other film projects. SEAmagine has an impeccable track record of safety and a solid track record of reliability and practicality in both the professional yacht and superyacht markets.


The Diving History of Seamagine Small Personal Submarines.


We have been manufacturing customized submarines since 1995. Many private submarines produced by the company have demonstrated the safety, utility and reliability of its submarines. This has been achieved through a full commitment to safety and quality standards that meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

All our private submarines and private submarines are A1 + rated by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), which performs all inspections and research on every submarine built. All structural elements are inspected by the ABS engineering review board, and the manufacturing and testing companies are inspected on site. SEAmagine's full commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of all of its personal submarines and private submarines has won the respect of many regulatory groups around the world. SEAmagine has a very close and strong working relationship with ABS, both at the engineering expertise headquarters in Houston and at the survey office in Long Beach, California. SEAmagine sits on the Submarine ABS Regulations Ad Hoc Committee and meets regularly to update the rules and regulations in line with industry needs.

SEAmagine also has strong working relationships with many other classification societies, including the US Coast Guard, Germanischer Lloyds and the Cayman Islands Shipping Register.


The Diving History of Seamagine Small Personal Submarines.


The company developed its initial personal underwater pilot training program with the US Coast Guard in 1999. Based on this base, the program has expanded over the years and today is an extremely well structured and proven learning process. The aim of the training program is not only to train submarine or underwater vehicle pilots, but also to ensure that the entire crew of a ship is familiar with the overall operation and its contingencies.


The Diving History of Seamagine Small Personal Submarines.


SEAmagine has a longstanding annual technical support program that it offers to all of its customers, providing unlimited technical support from both headquarters and onsite engineers.

This technical support program covers SEAmagine's annual preventive maintenance program for its personal submarines and private submersibles, which includes performing a full maintenance of the submersibles once a year. This annual maintenance of personal submarines by the company is usually coordinated with an annual classification society survey and a flag state survey, ensuring that all regulatory certifications are validated and up to date for the submarines.

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