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Robotics Plus

Robotics Plus
Country: New Zealand

Robotics Plus (Robotics Plus LLC) - Ensuring the sustainable growth of our horticultural and fiber industries through robotics and automation. Robotics Plus is exploring partnership opportunities to commercialize its new robotic apple packer.

RPL's extensive capabilities go beyond hardware and software to deliver next-generation products and processes. Collaboration and integration across multiple hardware and software segments is one of our core competencies and is often critical to performing at a high level. RPL develops and commercializes end-to-end systems tailored to industry requirements through extensive consultation with clients and relevant industry advisors. From technology validation, 3D computer-aided design, prototyping, development, integration, commercialization, to commercial production, RPL is well positioned to meet most technology requirements.

Roboticsplus in New Zealand has indeed won several prices for its agricultural machinery. They are also currently developing the UGV unmanned ground vehicle so that it can be equipped with many special tools such as kiwi picking.

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