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Retreat Caravans

Retreat Caravans
Country: Australia

Retreat Caravans is a family owned company.

We have been in this business for over 15 years, designing and building comfortable, comfortable, durable, reliable and safe caravans. We love what we do at Retreat Caravans and are thrilled to share this passion with you.

Ever since we started our business, our goal has always been to help families, individuals, and anyone who enjoys outdoor adventure fulfill their dreams and have a great time together while on the road or camping.

Every caravan leaving our factory is thoroughly tested and verified to ensure that the very best adventure awaits you every time you travel.

To date, we have sold over 5,000 caravans, and this number is growing every day.

In addition to this, we listen to any suggestions and feedback you may have to help us improve the convenience of our RVs, including their value, durability and functionality. This ensures that we are committed to our long-standing dream of manufacturing reliable and high quality trailers, so that our customers are proud to own them.

Our focus on innovation and design allows us to offer a flexible lifestyle that is unique to each client.

We value our customers through our commitment to long-term care and service, which is why we have Complete Caravan Care, a dedicated department that handles all of our customers' concerns, whether it's a general inquiry, warranty or repair.

Retreat Caravans delivers safety, convenience and comfort, ensuring that the very best adventure awaits you every time you travel.

Autonomous electric camper Retreat ERV Hyper - Caravans have long faced a common problem: there is not enough energy to survive for long periods of time, when disconnecting from the grid and refueling gas in the hinterland is very inconvenient. That was then, this is now! After years of research, ..
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