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Priva Kompano

Priva Kompano
Country: Netherlands

Priva is a high-tech company that develops equipment, software and services for climate control, energy conservation and optimal water reuse. We do this for gardening, home and urban agriculture, and outbuildings such as offices, shops, hotels and hospitals. At Priva, we create an optimal environment in which people and plants get the best way to grow, using cutting edge technology, products and knowledge. We pride ourselves on the fact that our solutions result in less fossil energy use and scarce natural resources such as fresh water. Expanding your team with Kompano means improving it with a fully autonomous removal robot designed to help sustainably manage your tomato crop. Kompano moves independently around the greenhouse, providing a 24/7 workflow.

Effective and efficient

Our specialized solutions are scalable and can help you make your business more profitable by making the most of all available resources.

Over 60 years of experience

Built in hardware, invested in research and development, bringing people and technology together in smart solutions.

Priva was founded in Westland in 1959 and started by importing air heaters for greenhouse horticulture. We have now grown into a global company with offices and training centers around the world, from China to Canada and from Mexico to Scandinavia. With over 120 employees in Product & Business Development, we are not only constantly working to develop innovative solutions for our customers, but also to improve existing hardware, software and services. Together with our international network of partners, we are represented in over 100 countries around the world. This means that we are close to our customers, in the same time zone: we know the business and speak the language. And this, of course, makes everything easier!

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