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Folding electric scooter ATTO

Folding electric scooter ATTO
Folding electric scooter ATTO
Folding electric scooter ATTO
Folding electric scooter ATTO
Folding electric scooter ATTO
Folding electric scooter ATTO
Folding electric scooter ATTO
Folding electric scooter ATTO
Folding electric scooter ATTO
Folding electric scooter ATTO
Folding electric scooter ATTO
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Folding electric scooter ATTO - A journey beyond the bounds
See the world - and be seen - with ATTO.
The smartest high performance mobility scooter on the market.

While the compact folded unit splits in two for ease of transport, the ATTO comes together to form a robust full-size vehicle with optimal balance and space utilization.

The revolutionary ATTO mechanism allows it to be folded into a trolley case and divided into two lightweight parts.

catalog / product / transport / scooter_atto_Moving_Life_drive_dimensions.png
Driving mode
62.2 lbs (28.2 kg) without battery

catalog / product / transport / scooter_atto_Moving_Life_trolley_dimensions.png
Trolley mode
Compact trolley suitcase that you can take with you on a train, plane or in the trunk of a car.

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Split mode
Two lightweight parts for easy climbing into the trunk of a car or up stairs.

The beauty of ATTO lies in the details, with standard features like built-in USB charging port, deck storage and adjustable seat height. It can also be customized with various accessories.

ATTO offers unsurpassed youthful and high-tech design.

Fully Customized Brushless Permanent Magnet DC Motor

48V Li-ion battery - 12 miles (20 km) range on a 4 to 5 hour charge

Adjustable seat
3 fixed heights from 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm) from the ground. with special 4th seat height for children

ATTO can be divided into 2 lightweight parts, making it easy to lift.

ATTO easily folds into a trolley case that you can carry with you on the train or plane.

LED display

FDA Approved
CE and TUV certificate
Compatible with all seasons

Moving Life is constantly innovating with new features and accessories that will make your stay unforgettable. Please contact your local dealer for pricing and more information.

Cane / crutch holders ATTO
The ATTO cane / crutch holders are designed to carry your canes / crutches with you wherever you go.

Foldable armrests ATTO
ATTO armrests provide additional comfort to your arms while driving.

Soft pillow ATTO
ATTO Padded Cushion adds a soft, breathable layer of comfort to your ATTO seat.

Standard battery ATTO
ATTO Flight Standard Battery is a great spare battery that is always close at hand.

Throttle body kit for left hand ATTO
The ATTO left-handed throttle body kit is a simple adaptation to provide optimal steering control for left-handed people.

Flight kit ATTO
ATTO Flight Kit is a protective case designed to protect ATTO from serious damage.

Standard flight battery ATTO
ATTO Standard Flight Battery is split in two to overcome stringent airline regulations and get on board with you.

Carrying bag and pillow ATTO
ATTO Carryall & Cushion uses the free space under the seat for storage and offers additional cushioning.

Backpack ATTO
The ATTO Backpack is a semi-rigid bag for carrying everything you need, including a laptop and a spare ATTO battery.

Set of cables ATTO
The ATTO Cable Kit includes 4 original cable types used all over the world to charge ATTO safely and quickly wherever you are.

Mobile phone holder ATTO
ATTO Mobile Holder is a flexible mobile phone holder that can be resized and attached to the steering wheel.

Bag ATTO Essentials
The ATTO Essentials Pouch contains everything you need, including a spare ATTO battery.

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