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Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle
Country: USA

The Living Vehicle (LV), driven by a passion for freedom, is the culmination of Matthew and Joanna Hofmann's decades of experience designing and living in mobile spaces.

We are a different type of company that puts quality first. Going far beyond what was ever thought possible with a touring trailer, the LV is built on a commercial platform with marine grade materials. The result is a functional piece of art unlike anything that has ever been created. Powered by an automotive-grade power system powered by Volta Power Systems, Living Vehicle offers the highest capacity lithium-ion system available for luxury trailers. LV founders - Matthew and Joanna Hofmann

The Hofmann family mantra “experience is the best teacher” tells the story of a young architect and his wife who came together because of a common passion for a happy and free life. Matthew and Joanna Hofmann, inspired by years of constant mobile travel and running a custom mobile design firm in Santa Barbara, California, felt the need to create a new mobile space designed for the modern mobile lifestyle. As a long-term goal, their company strives to create a sustainable life solution by working to create a completely self-contained product with zero cost.

We believe that the key to a sustainable life is choosing the most important values ​​and living accordingly. Living Vehicle is the culmination of architect Matthew Hofmann's decade of experience in designing and living mobile spaces. We invite you to share this vision and join the movement for a new way of living sustainable.

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