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Lazareth Auto-moto

Lazareth Auto-moto
Country: France

Lazareth Car is registered in France as a manufacturer. We sell custom-made vehicles for you, approved and approved in accordance with French and Swiss regulations - Indicative data may vary from year to year

From design to completion, we control all operations related to the creation of your car: chassis, engine, equipment, painting, etc. Our experience and efficiency allow us to create an unusual car in just 2 months.

Motorized vehicles or works of art, two, three, four or more wheels, this vehicle can be delivered to you in France or abroad ...

Lazareth imposes no restrictions, you decide.

Infirmary workshop can customize your dream car!

When special know-how and high-performance equipment are required, such as material handling and machining, we are used to working with highly qualified partners.

Thanks to our experience and adaptability, we can create an unusual car with 2, 3, 4… wheels in 2 months; custom prototype!

For your film or advertising campaign, we can come up with a range of vehicles based on the same concept or with the same motorization.

Thus, we can implement any project according to your requirements until successful completion.

We have no limits and we can meet any of your requirements!

At the beginning of his career, Ludovic LAZARETTE was engaged in the manufacture of cars / motorcycles. Then over the years he turned to prototyping and manufacturing exceptional vehicles. Graduated from Espera Sbarro School in 1992, he is considered a student of Mr. Franco Sbarro (Italian-Swiss automotive designer).

After working for several years in the AIXAM-MEGA (Andros Trophy - MEGA Track V12) prototype department, in 1998 he decided to found LAZARETH Auto-moto to give free rein to his imagination and creativity.

In 2005 the company will receive the status of a manufacturer and will start producing its first cars under the LAZARETH brand. Since then, about a hundred different types of vehicles have emerged.

The company currently consists of a design bureau and several specialized craftsmen (sculptors, modelers, craftsmen, body craftsmen, painters, machinists, mechanics, boiler workers, sheet metal craftsmen, electricians, etc.).

In 2018, the manufacturer Lazareth was awarded the “Living Heritage Company” label by the state represented by the Minister of Industry and the Higher Institute of Crafts.

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