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Hebei Kaiyun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Hebei Kaiyun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Country: China

Kering Auto is an IoT smart commercial vehicle company and aims to become the leading smart commercial vehicle manufacturer and supplier in China. Kering Motors will use the Xiaomi model to build smart commercial vehicles. Based on the basic equipment functions consistent with traditional brands, it will overlay functions that traditional brands do not, such as the Internet of Things, to make products more competitive in the marketplace than traditional commercial vehicles.

Kering brings together a diversified core team and the car + 3C + IoT triple genes will bring revolutionary creativity.

The Kering team has always believed that innovation in the commercial vehicle industry is more than just a new energy vehicle. As the new smart city infrastructure, Kering Motors must provide the best integrated logistics solution for the entire process: smart equipment + system + service. Use the Xiaomi model to replace low-level two- and three-wheeled vehicle tools with commercial vehicle IoT solutions to reduce dimensionality and achieve large-scale replacement quickly.

KAIYUN Motors Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of CSG DESIGN. It dedicated itself to the design and development of new energy vehicles from 2013. The production line is situated in the Nangong Industrial Zone of Hebei province. The factory covers a total area of about 1.3 km2 and is a key project supported by Heibei province.

CSG's forward looking products' designs, R&D capabilities have drawn a great deal of attention. For two consecutive years (2014-2015), CSG DESIGN was rated by Fast Company (American magazine from the Silicon Valley) as one of China's 50 Most Innovative Companies.

Hebei Kaiyun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mission is to help people to achieve fast and more efficient way of city commute, by producing small size and lightweight vehicle units. Our goal is to apply new technology to achieve all current safe standards and the production of every unit as efficient as possible.

Brand: Kaiyun Motors
Electric pickup truck Pickman XR - Kering, the new smart commercial vehicle, is suited for disruptive activities. Kering is the 'new breed' in commercial vehicles. The Kaiyun Kylectric Pickman XR has a range of 70 miles with the main battery and another 50 miles from the auxiliary unit. For a..
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