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Idénergie Inc.

Idénergie Inc.
Country: Canada

Idénergie Inc. specializes in advanced power electronics for distributed energy resources (DER) and networking applications.

Idenergy develops and markets innovative renewable energy solutions, including the world's unique river turbines, next-generation solar converters, and hybrid renewable energy systems tailored to our customers' needs.

Mission Statement Idénergie Inc. - to revolutionize renewable energy sources with advanced technologies, making them simple and affordable for everyone.

Brand: Idénergie
The economical and efficient Idénergie river turbine is the latest innovation in green technology. The river turbine, equipped with many smart features to enable it to operate in a large number of rivers, represents the future of renewable energy.Water speed (m/s):11,522,5Daily production (kWh/day):..
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