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Exxact Robotics

Exxact Robotics
Country: France

EXXACT Robotics - Solutions for precision farming

Our pragmatic and sustainable technical solutions for farmers and vine growers meet the demands of the transition in agriculture.

EXXACT Robotics offers precision farming solutions (robotic solutions, sensors) for plant protection. We have been part of the future of agriculture with an industrial response within a pioneering French group for 70 years. We bring technological tools to the agricultural profession to plan, automate and track daily work in the best conditions of productivity, safety and respect for the environment. EXXACT Robotics, established in November 2019, is an experienced team that takes on this task, drawing on the business experience of the EXEL Industries group, a leader in agricultural spraying, with the brands Berthoud, Tecnoma, Nicolas, Agrifac, Hardi, etc.

Exxact Robotics, a subsidiary of Exel Industries

The group was established in 2019 and the subsidiary Exxact Robotics specializes in precision farming solutions.

The structure is engaged in the development of autonomous agricultural vehicles and systems to improve their perception of the specific environment associated with vineyards, as well as with extensive crops. The goal is to offer sustainable solutions to accompany the major ongoing transformations in agriculture, by limiting the use of plant protection products, developing new methods (biocontrol, agricultural ecology, simplified growing methods), all of which require high precision grinding.

Agricultural ecology and artificial intelligence

We are committed to improving spray application efficiency with the help of AI and vision sensors. The aim is to reduce the amount of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides used and to activate agronomic levers to control biological diseases. The advantage of this technology is to provide farmers and agricultural enterprises with the necessary tracking and tracing information.

Robotics and sustainable solutions

We are committed to the development of autonomous agricultural vehicles that meet the requirements of backyard organization and user safety. We are particularly mindful when it comes to finding sustainable solutions to the challenges vine growers currently face, in terms of best practices and the development of biological protection products that require precision spraying.

  • Analysis of wine and agricultural routes
  • Ecological analysis of agricultural habits
  • Sensors and Perception
  • Precision electronics and embedded software
  • Grinding experience in agriculture
  • Web or mobile control software
  • Modeling and artificial intelligence
  • Mechatronics

History of the Family Business

Vincent Ballou founded Tecnoma in 1952 selling agricultural sprayers and overhead tractors that revolutionized viticulture.

In 1987, following the acquisition of Berthoud, the French market leader in agricultural sprayers and garden sprayers, Exel was born, creating a multi-brand group of agricultural sprayers. The group later expanded to include horticulture, beet harvesting and the industrial sprayer market.

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