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Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante

Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante
Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante
Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante
Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante
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Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante
Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante
Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante
Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante
Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante
Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante - With HAPO, your back will be grateful to you!

Posture, what's the context?
Despite the evolution and improvement of working conditions in general, the MSD of the back still persists. “While lower back pain accounted for 13% of industrial accidents in 2005, ten years later it has grown to 20%, ie. 170,000 work accidents in 2017.

In addition to disorganization, demotivation and, as a result, reduced business efficiency, back pain is a direct cost to businesses of over one billion euros. This is equivalent to the cost of treating other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. (see Health Insurance Report - Occupational Risks Work-Related Low Back Pain: What Responses to Social, Economic and Public Health Challenges? Occupational Hygiene Challenges and Actions, January 2017).

Therefore, in order to reduce MSD in the back and lumbar region, Ergoskeletons and Exoskeletons ErgoSanté has developed the HAPO harness.

Who are the HAPO Posture Belts for?
This new harness is intended for all people requiring back assistance and / or people who are considered to be in a difficult position on the back. The size of the HAPO posture harness can be adjusted from the 5th percentile for women to the 95th percentile for men, i.e. 90% of the Caucasian population (98% of body types). These situations are commonly found in companies operating in the logistics, personal assistance, construction industry, etc.

Regardless of the posture, the HAPO waist harness reduces the load on the lower back and preserves the intervertebral discs:
- In a static standing position, it provides physical assistance when the back forms an angle of more than 5 or 20 °.
- With dynamic flexion, this allows, starting with the position of the arm on the ground and ending with the position of the arm at height (at the level of the hips), to help the lower back.

The HAPO harness posture works by partially reorienting the force from the upper trunk (chest support) to the hips using a spring. The belt, in turn, provides support without limiting the lumbar region.

Very lightweight 1.2 kg
Simple and fast - 60s

Ergonomics Advisor
Powerful aid 14 kg

quick unlock
1-click unlock

How do HAPO posture straps achieve this goal?
HAPO posture suspension springs are made of composite materials, this solution is a real innovation among assistive physical devices called "exoskeletons" or "ergoskeletons"! This experience sets us apart from our competitors. Owning it allows you to create a more efficient solution than devices 5 times more expensive.

There is a wide range of solutions already on the market, but the experience we have gained in developing the exoskeleton has allowed us to introduce a new solution that addresses five major obstacles to deploying these solutions:

The harness pose is easy to use: it slides on like a backpack in 20 seconds.
HAPO light: 1.2kg.
HAPO Posture Harness is the cheapest exoskeleton in its class.
Discreet: Provides more freedom of movement such as sitting, driving, climbing or descending stairs.
HAPO posture The tourniquet is effective: The force of assistance is 14 kg.

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