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Ergosante Technologie

Ergosante Technologie
Country: France

Ergonomic innovation at the service of the largest number of people. Ergonomic workplace, exoskeleton, customized company.

Ergo Santé is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of customized ergonomic solutions to help keep people with disabilities busy and prevent musculoskeletal (MSD) risks. Ergo Santé is distributing all over the country, including Corsica. We differentiate by working method: once your referring health professionals (general practitioner, ergonomist, employment counselor) determine your need, we will provide you with the recommended equipment free of charge so that you can judge for yourself. the effectiveness of the recommended solution.

Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante
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Exoskeleton Hapo Ergosante - With HAPO, your back will be grateful to you! Posture, what's the context? Despite the evolution and improvement of working conditions in general, the MSD of the back still persists. “While lower back pain accounted for 13% of industrial accidents in 2005, ten years lat..
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Exoskeleton ShivaExo Ergosante is a unique model both in its design and in its characteristics. An adaptable, passive exoskeleton designed to prevent shoulder, back and elbow, it can be adjusted according to use. Design and manufacture of ERGOSANTE in our workshops by our teams. Thus, the ShivaExo e..
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