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Efficient Energy Technology GmbH

Efficient Energy Technology GmbH
Country: Germany

Efficient Energy Technology GmbH is developing a small power plant consisting of photovoltaic cells and batteries for complete self-installation.




We - Florian, Stefan and Christoph - have spent many years at the Graz University of Technology studying renewable energy sources, and in the end we have come to the conclusion that there have long been extremely promising technologies for solving the problem of climate change, but unfortunately, they are still are underutilized in daily life. Buying a solar power plant, consisting of electricity batteries, an inverter, a solar panel, etc., is often very expensive and for city dwellers it is not an option anyway due to the location.

For this reason, we decided to start EET (Efficient Energy Technologies) and contribute! In December 2016, we completed our university activities and dedicated ourselves to our vision. We founded Efficient Energy Technology GmbH next May and gained a lot of supporters very quickly! Our team has over 15 permanent employees and continues to grow. We see every day - in talks, articles and other reports - that the topic of independent, decentralized energy production is highly relevant to most people. We are glad for this and in a good mood that together we can make the world a better place.

This is why we designed and developed the SolMate. The first solar installation with light and flexible solar panels for the balcony and for plugging in. SolMate is a combination of design, independence and innovation. Thanks to the use of our compact solar panel in combination with a compact energy storage unit, our solar power plant has enough space even on small balconies. SolMate can help you save about 25% of your energy costs. Thanks to the built-in power outlet, you can also use the SolMate in emergencies or in the event of a power outage.

Solar panels for city apartments SolMate - Together we have developed SolMate, a smart storage solar panel for the balcony. EET has set itself the goal of using the energy available to us as efficiently and efficiently as possible. It is against this background that we run our company and develop ou..
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