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Droplette Inc Driven by our belief that technology can improve health and wellness, we strive to create products and solutions that improve what has always been done, starting with skin care. Traditional thematic publications can do just that. The Droplette and capsules use our advanced aerosol technology to deliver active ingredients under the skin - where they can actually work.

Droplette mission

Therapeutics designer Madhavi Gavini and medical diagnostics developer Rati Srinivas have always dreamed of long-term exposure. Inspired by a medical conference, they began to create a new transdermal delivery tool, ordering electronic parts, building a prototype, receiving funding (from NASA!) And continuing to work with Walter Reed. Droplette is the first application of their plans to penetrate active substances under your skin.

We are fortunate enough to conduct effective research in areas such as drug discovery (the drug Madhavi invented received the first FDA approval for the treatment of childhood heart disease since 1994), medical diagnostics (Rati has a PhD in biomarkers and point-of-care diagnostics. help). settings with limited resources) and neuroscience. We have always dreamed of chasing big problems in the world that can truly improve people's lives.

Droplette was originally a project born on Madhavi's kitchen table. We have just returned from a rare disease conference where we learned about a wasting skin condition called epidermolysis bullosa (EB). This rare genetic disorder disproportionately affects pediatric patients, and due to the lack of a single gene, the skin does not adhere to the muscle underneath. It causes very painful wounds, and even a bandage or ointment is extremely painful.

We asked ourselves: what if we could just deliver the missing gene, or even drugs like pain relievers or antibiotics, into the skin of these patients without pain? We bought some electronics components from Ebay and got to work. We ran several experiments using prototypes we built at home and found ourselves stumbling upon some really fascinating phenomena of fluid physics that can actually dramatically improve drug delivery through the skin. We filed our first patent and started looking for funding: our first grant at Droplette actually came from NASA; the physics of liquids excited them too.

While we started working on Droplette technology as a painless needle-free delivery solution that we hope could one day cure EB, we quickly realized that our technology could be applied to all skin care applications. We both had our share of skincare issues: we battled acne together when we were in our twenties, hyperpigmentation, dry skin and scars, and we tried all OTC products. It turns out that most of them don't really work and don't offer a holistic solution.

We wanted to use Droplette technology to efficiently deliver proven ingredients to the skin and expand the use of our technology for consumers. This does not mean that we have abandoned our original mission: the NIH supports us in continuing EB research, and we are currently partnering with the Walter Reed Military Institute to use the Droplette to treat gunshot wounds that hit soldiers in the field.

We have worked to develop and optimize this technology for years, and during that time we have interacted with countless doctors, drug delivery experts and end users. The device itself has gone through dozens of iterations to get the perfect form factor, feel and performance. Along with the device, we've developed our formulations to include only the essential ingredients your skin needs, and have spent years in the lab tweaking ingredients and concentrations for the best results.

Brand: Droplette
Droplette Skin Nebulizer - Imagine Nespresso meets a nebulizer for local drug delivery. The Droplette is a handheld device that transforms treatment capsules into a high-speed micro-mist that penetrates the skin to a depth of ~ 20 cell layers. Without needles and pain, it achieves the depth of absor..
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