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Dexai Robotics, Inc.

Dexai Robotics, Inc.
Country: USA

Dexai Robotics, Inc. aims to revolutionize the food industry by improving the lives of kitchen staff everywhere by allowing them to focus on what matters most: creating an amazing culinary experience for customers.

Collaborative robot Dexai Alfred, offers an affordable, fast and accurate kitchen addition for autonomous cooking of delicious meals. Dexai makes fresh food affordable and accessible through automation.

We use flexible robots to make your recipes in your kitchen from your ingredients!

Dexai Robotics, Inc. is located in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA and is part of the industrial equipment wholesaler industry. Dexai Robotics, Inc. employs 8 employees in all of its offices and has sales of US $ 1.20 million.

Kitchen Robot Alfred Dexai Kitchen Robot Alfred Dexai
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Kitchen Robot Alfred Dexai AI works seamlessly with any ingredients and utensils in any existing commercial kitchen to fully prepare meals. Alfred uses machine learning and computer vision to ensure accurate and accurate food preparation, providing an innovative solution for food safety and consiste..
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