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Deus Robots

Deus Robots
Country: Ukraine

Deus Robots is a robotics company that develops, manufactures and markets high-tech logistics equipment. We are committed to leveraging AI and other modern technologies to make it easier for businesses and warehouses.

Deus really draws on the wide range of expertise in the modern state of the art equipment on the market. This is an important contribution for our clients to ease the development process.

As a result, we supply high-tech equipment capable of supporting and optimizing our clients' business. This makes Deus Robots an invaluable and highly reliable partner.

Deus Robots was founded in 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine with the aim of developing a long-term logistics solution for companies. Technology is changing the world, and we want everyone to have access to it. This is why our AI robots are of high quality and affordable.

We are a growing company specializing in Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology development and manufacturing. Our team consists of industry experts in the field of robotics. All of our programmers, designers and engineers are highly trained and experienced. We want to offer the market only the best in order to satisfy the growing demands of consumers. This means that you only need to hire the best.

Reliability and efficiency are the main principles of our work.

We build robots to automate manual labor efficiently and safely. With the dedication of our team, we can reduce the operating costs of manufacturing, construction and service companies. We do this by developing and delivering customized robotic solutions.

Thus, we offer solutions that solve global problems, including:

Significant reduction in operating costs

One of our robots can perform logistics tasks that would take several people and hours. 3 times faster with 99% accuracy. No kidding.

Labor shortage

Companies and industries no longer have to experience the stress of hiring quality staff. Our robots are integrated with artificial intelligence systems to ensure smooth operation.

Take a dangerous job

Manufacturers should not have to deal with lawsuits and compensation payments as a result of hazardous work performed by people. Our robots are efficient and cost effective.

Deus Robots Target

We are focused on providing customers around the world with the highest quality automated logistics and warehouse equipment. We want to be the best, flexible, modular and scalable platform to meet changing business needs and ever-growing volumes.

Our team is focused on developing system components that can be adapted to changing SKU profile and picking complexities - pallet, box and piece. We want to give our customers the ability to solve various lifecycle challenges such as receiving, consolidating orders and sorting through the use of a single software and hardware platform - the Deus Robots product line aimed at this. Professionalism

The growing demand for autonomous robots and their utility has led to the production of custom products. Many companies cannot trust robotics companies because of these problems.

Dues Robots is committed to restoring the good name of the industry by offering the highest quality products. Our solutions include heavy duty bots, rack bots and interior decorating bots. They are designed to meet the specific needs of users.

We have a global management structure with a first-class engineering discipline. We strive for excellence and consistency.

The use of our robots guarantees expected and consistent quality on all surfaces. Working with Deus Robots gives you access to a world of high quality solutions.

Deus Robots was founded in 2018 to offer the highest quality in technology. We aim to position ourselves as a global leader in the next few years. This is why quality is critical to our business.

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