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Cocoa Motors Inc. electric skateboard manufacturer

Cocoa Motors Inc. electric skateboard manufacturer
Country: Japan

WalkCar is an electric skate manufacturer that can be moved and folded into a bag.

WalkCar - manufactures electric skates that can be easily carried on hand or folded into a backpack. Just turn the direction towards the body you want to move, you can move freely. The size of the laptop case, because wearing it casually, we are at any time to support your "walk".

Brand: Cocoa Motors
The WALKCAR is a "portable electric skate" invented in Japan by Cocoa Motors. It's an electric skate that you can carry around like a laptop and offers a new lifestyle that doesn't depend on the transport network. It's time to choose "Walk" or "WALKCAR" anytime. Idea Blue  |  Ipsum SilverS..
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