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CityQ AS

CityQ AS
Country: Norway

CityQ AS Offers the first Car-eBike platform – a mix of an ebike and a “micro car” with pedals, regulated as an eBike.

CityQ is a weatherproof ebike and MaaS for car-free urban mobility. CityQ can replace car traffic in cities with year-round cycling.

4 wheel e-bike (LEV) - with roof, 3 seats, luggage capacity, extra battery range up to 80-100 km and solar panel for extra range.

CityQ is offered as a MaaS service for urban corporations and residential areas, and in conjunction with fleet sharing. It is specially designed for the climate and needs of Northern Europe.

Turnkey platform for new, smart 4-wheel e-bikes; it is expected to be one of the key components of urban traffic replacement.

Brand: CityQ AS
Electric Bicycle CityQ - Do you want to cycle all year round? But faced with weather conditions, terrain and baggage restrictions? CityQ is designed to make cycling comfortable for everyone, regardless of weather, traffic or parking regulations. Imagine an e-bike car CityQ eBike offers you in-ca..
Ex Tax:$7,000.00
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