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Country: France

Concept Rolland Développement is a specialist in agricultural wastewater treatment.

CRD is an innovative and active company that offers a wide range of products for the automation of the collection and processing of animal waste, as well as its agronomic and energy recovery.

We have a research and development department that studies, tests and develops systems that will be used tomorrow. About 150 companies install and maintain CRD systems.

In 1995 Louis Rolland designed and registered a patent for a hydraulic scraper and created CRD to sell a range of scrapers.

The company quickly expanded its product line and expanded its export activities.

For over 20 years, CRD teams have been involved in livestock farming, creating automated solutions for manure handling and wastewater disposal. Several thousand sites have already been equipped in France and abroad.

The production of CRD equipment meets strict technical requirements, which are primarily entrusted to French companies. The suppliers of the components used in the equipment are carefully selected for the reliability of their manufacture.

As the needs of breeders evolve along with their imperatives for efficiency and productivity, CRD has a research and development department that studies, tests and improves systems that will be used tomorrow.

CRD relies on a dense network of approved and regularly trained installers. About 150 companies install and maintain manure management systems. The company provides them with technical support and after-sales service.

In order to guarantee very quick intervention when needed, CRD manages a large stock of spare parts and spare parts.


1995: Creation of a patent for the development of a hydraulic scraper.

1999: Installation of the first scraper rope.

2000: The first hydraulic scraper in Japan.

2000: First installation of a cattle manure separation.

2009: CRD Works Electric Dog.

2012: Expansion. local to reach 7000 m² of storage space.

2012: Innov'Space's price for creating a wiper that passes through a pulley.

2014: Installation of the first project in Morocco.

2015: Creation of a new website, modern and dynamic, like the company.

CRD benefits


The entire CRD team provides technical design, sales assistance, supply and after-sales services.

His sales team always covers a large area to be at your disposal and support dealers as quickly as possible.

CRD is:

• Specialist in manure handling

• An accessible and dynamic team

• CRD moves from research to implementation

• Customer service

• Rapid reaction

• Export development to bring our knowledge to you everywhere


In recent years, CRD has provided its know-how for a 1000-cow barn in France, several 200-400 cowsheds in France, 700- and 1500-cowsheds in Russia, several 1000-3000 cowsheds in Morocco and stables. in China.

More than 10,000 scrapers in service and over a million meters of wire rope have been laid worldwide in 20 years.

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