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Aquarius Engines, Ltd

Aquarius Engines, Ltd
Country: Israel

Generators have remained static for over a century: bulky, heavy, noisy, polluting, and unreliable when you need them most. Now one company is redefining the generator for the age of electric vehicles, smart cities, and vast telecom networks.

Aquarius Engines, Ltd., founded in 2014, has designed, developed and built a revolutionary engine to generate electric power.

Welcome to the age of Aquarius.

Based on our proprietary two-sided Free Piston Linear Engine (FPLE), the groundbreaking Aquarius Generator has been developed specifically to meet the power demands of tomorrow:

  •  High power availability
  •  Superior reliability with predictive maintenance
  •  Light weight and small size
  •  Easy to transport and install
  •  Cost efficient
  •  Eco-friendly
  •  IoT and remote control features

Aquarius presents a comprehensive power solution that integrates software and hardware, providing a complete response to backup and emergency needs around the globe. Thanks to its remarkably small size, at just 100kg (the engine itself being only 10.5kg), the generator can be transported via regular vehicles or carried by two people – no more cranes or helicopters, and vastly reduced logistics costs.

Unlike regular generators that require maintenance every 200-400 hours, the oil-free Aquarius Generator only needs to be serviced once every 1,000 hours, with IoT predictive maintenance ensuring no downtime when you need it most.

That means substantial savings on logistics, maintenance, manpower, and fuel expenses, while also offering futureproof low emissions standards.

Reach out to learn more about Aquarius Engines and our generator revolution.

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