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Country: Netherlands

AgXeed is a manufacturer and supplier of agricultural machinery and equipment for farmers. Autonomous Agricultural Machines: They design, manufacture and supply ready-to-use self-contained aggregates in accordance with good agricultural practices. Why do we do what we do?

“We believe in agriculture.

We believe in a way of farming in which the agricultural entrepreneur can make the most of his land, crops and environment.

Now and for future generations."

How do we do it?

“Together with them, we will change the status quo in agriculture. Sustainable Agriculture Can Work For Everyone!

The key to this is true autonomy: freedom and flexibility for the farmer in how he cultivates his land and manages his farm.”

What are we doing?

“AgXeed provides a complete standalone solution. A smart and ready-to-use stand-alone system with scalable and customizable hardware, virtual planning tools and valuable data models. " Farmers play an irreplaceable role in society; Farmers provide us not only with food, but also care about the environment. With an ever-growing population, labor shortages, the need to improve agricultural resilience and tough government regulations, farmers are increasingly being asked to make the most of their agricultural land. The means for this are becoming more sophisticated and precise; more and more data will be available to make the right decisions.

This is why we founded AgXeed; our solutions give farmers more time to make the right decisions. Our products ensure that farmers have time to do what they do best; agriculture and the careful handling of the resources provided to us. State-of-the-art methods will revive a new generation of interest in agriculture - with the ultimate goal of providing enough sustainably grown food to feed the entire world's population.

AgXeed offers

Autonomous Agricultural Machines: We design, manufacture and supply ready-to-use self-contained aggregates in accordance with good agricultural practices. Customizable features and options to meet your needs and improve your results.

Think outside the box: AgXeed modules. Become a part of our journey and take advantage of our modules right off the shelf; web-based path planning tools, efficient hybrid drives, innovative track systems, embedded autonomous kits.

Our partnership is the key to your success: think about what we can mean to you! Whether our Agbots and modules run you; are you looking for something similar - just different? Together we can revolutionize agricultural technology.

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