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AKO Trike

AKO Trike
Country: Lithuania
AKO Trike - All-electric inverse leaning trike.

High-end engineering & extraordinary design bonded together. A true market disruptor, completely redefining the vehicle segment between motorcycles & cars. A vehicle that introduces a new type of maneuverability as it is capable of leaning into curves as well as simply steering at lower speeds. Enabling the rider to experience somethingbreathtaking & extremely fun while at the same time providing essential features for a daily urban ride.
Brand: AKO Trike
Electric Tricycle AKO Trike - For anyone unfamiliar with this concept, a tricycle is an "electric tiltable inverted tricycle". "The concept of this trike was to make the ride as natural as possible, but at the same time unusual." So what's so special about it? If you prefer numbers, its target r..
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