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Country: Netherlands

At AIGRO, we see it as our responsibility to treat our global ecosystem with respect and care. And we want to help it flourish. That's why we develop technologies that have a positive impact on the environment. We envision a world where agriculture is good for the land, for life and productivity. A world where the farmer doesn't have to choose between people, planet or prosperity. A world where everyone can afford and enjoy healthy, locally grown food.

But there is one important factor: the ability to automate tedious farming tasks. So, we have a mission to create a promising automation of agriculture. AIGRO UP is our first app. In the very near future, the staff of small, smart and versatile machines will free people and improve processes. These green-powered agrobots will enable farmers to increase production and drastically reduce the use of herbicides, heavy machinery and manual labor. This will revolutionize natural food production, making it sustainable for years to come.

AIGRO is more than a company of enterprising technical architects and engineers. We are a worldwide ecosystem of research institutions, environmental organizations, suppliers and customers.

We are a research company focused on advanced technologies. We share a passion for technology and a desire to solve complex problems. Together we invent, design and build new technologies and products that have a lasting impact around the world. Whether start-up or mature organization, our clients partner with AIGRO to transform industries. To do this, we work at the intersection of science, technology and business, inventing and developing breakthrough products and technologies. We thrive in the early stages of technology development by identifying and answering the most important questions. We deliver technology recommendations, invention ideas and prototypes.

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