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Country: Sweden

The automotive industry is more destructive than it needs to be. The vehicles we drive today are extremely harmful to our planet and even our health, with vehicle emissions causing more premature deaths than car accidents. These numbers are even more extreme in cities, which host 54% of the world’s population, a number that continues to grow.

People in cities have become accustomed to the toxic smell, but these emissions are completely unnecessary and cause critical problems that must be addressed, such as a recent study that showed a direct link between emissions and clinical mental health problems in children. This is especially troubling when you consider that only 2-3% of the energy burned in cars today actually moves its passengers. The average vehicle weight is 1.8 tonnes, while the average occupancy per vehicle trip is only 1.2 people, and 80% of these vehicle trips are less than 25km.

Uniti is a Swedish electric car start-up focusing on a simplified modular vehicle platform, highly sustainable materials and processes, and a user experience that matches the most advanced consumer electronics. Our first product to market is a two-seater city-car in the EU L7e regulatory category. This category gives significantly greater freedom for innovation with far lower barriers to entry. The prototype is due in December 2017, and we already have a strong demand including many pre-orders.

Uniti OneA city car that makes sense. Designed in Sweden and developed in the UK, the Uniti One is the ideal electric vehicle for the daily urban commute - a stylish, yet affordable premium EV that balances the needs of society with an inspired driving experience.

Brand: Uniti
Electric car Uniti One - This is a very promising two-seater electric vehicle, both in terms of design and range, top speed and acceleration. Uniti One is very interesting from many points of view. It weighs just 450 kg (thanks to its carbon fiber construction) and has a range of 150 to 300 km at ..
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