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Electric velomobile Raht Racer Designed for the keen cyclist looking to minimize their carbon footprint, the Raht Racer uses an electric pedal to enclose its rider in a weatherproof, reinforced housing with automotive-grade safety components. Halfway between the electric car and the bike is the Ra..
Ex Tax:$43,000.00
Brand: Veemo
Electric velomobile Veemo SE - ELECTRIC BIKES WILL LOVE EVEN BIKES COMFORTABLE Protection from rain and wind The seat is like in a car Electric drive = does not sweat Full suspension = longer trips GET CAR COMFORT BUT MANAGE TRAFFIC LIKE A BIKE Equipped with familiar bike handlebars, pedals a..
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Brand: Darc Mono
Expeditionary electric car Darc Mono is a purpose-built expedition vehicle based on the latest generation Iveco Daily 4×4. Both the chassis and the living cabin meet the highest requirements of land transport, combined with the convenience of everyday use. It is ideal for two travelers as it has wat..
Ex Tax:$360.00
Brand: Moving Life
Folding electric scooter ATTO - A journey beyond the bounds See the world - and be seen - with ATTO. The smartest high performance mobility scooter on the market. ATTO MOBILITY SCOOTER While the compact folded unit splits in two for ease of transport, the ATTO comes together to form a robust fu..
Ex Tax:$3,000.00
Brand: Freedom Trax
Freedom Trax transforms a manual wheelchair into an all-terrain vehicle capable of tackling sand, snow, gravel and mud.The FT Pro can be installed and removed without assistance and comes with a 24V Li-ion battery, two 24V motors, hand joystick and charger. It can be adjusted for wheel widths from 1..
Ex Tax:$5,500.00
Brand: H2X
Hydrogen Car H2X Snowy SUV fuel cell (FCEV) is equipped with a liter hydrogen tank with a kW / l stack density, providing a hydrogen range in km / mile (NEDC). With an activated electric motor and battery, Snowy has an extended range of up to 650 km / 401 (NEDC). Dimensions and weight: Snowy meas..
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Brand: Riversimple
Hydrogen car Riversimple Rasa - WE STARTED WITH A HYDROGEN FUEL CELL We started with a hydrogen fuel cell, a green design manifesto, and a blank sheet of paper. Every aspect of Rasa has been created and researched for simplicity, efficiency, lightness, strength, affordability, safety and sustainabi..
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Brand: Lupa Motors
It is an automotive project based in Barcelona that seeks to develop and manufacture electric vehicles at a very affordable price. With a range of about 400 kilometers, the E26 utility incorporates a removable battery, usable in other vehicles and even at home. Its sales model is exclusively online...
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Brand: Manta5
The HYDROFOILER ™ XE-1 is the world's first jet ski that replicates the experience of cycling on water.Equipped with the same technology as America's Cup sailboats, this e-hydrofoil opens up completely new horizons in cycling. Suitable for a wide variety of skill levels, riders can explore ocean coa..
Ex Tax:$8,500.00
Mini house Boho XL Wide TRAILER: Individual trailer, anti-rust coating, steel floor joists, insulation, rodent-resistant steel bottom, radial tires, weight. rated axles, safety device, 2 5/16 "ball, leveling jacks, DOT lighting, 2-20 gallon LP tanks with adjuster. MODEL: Here are the places wh..
Ex Tax:$53,000.00
Motorhome Chausson Camper X550 AT THE CROSSROADS OF VAN AND CAMPING CAR THE BEST COMBINED VAN AND THE BEST AUTOMOTIVE! The X550 is neither a van nor a motorhome ... Chausson invents a new generation of vehicles that combines the agility of a van with the comfort of a low profile. Compact outsi..
Ex Tax:$82,000.00
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