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Autonomous electric camper Retreat ERV Hyper - Caravans have long faced a common problem: there is not enough energy to survive for long periods of time, when disconnecting from the grid and refueling gas in the hinterland is very inconvenient. That was then, this is now! After years of research, ..
Ex Tax:$115,000.00
Brand: SAIC Motor
Box van truck SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition adds a second story to the classic residential building. A tea room, an outdoor area and an elevator that can be accessed make this holiday car stand out in the Chinese market. The two-storey mobile home is full of surprises. In driving mode, t..
Ex Tax:$420,000.00
Brand: Polydrops
The Polydrop P17A Camping Trailer is a battery-powered, zero-emission mobile room that can travel with most vehicles, including electric vehicles. Polydrop P17A is a zero-emission, battery-powered mobile room that can travel with most vehicles, including electric vehicles. Get to know the future wi..
Ex Tax:$9,800.00
Electric camper Colorado Campworks NS-1 - Campworks nomadic system one is the world's first fully electric overground camping. Off-road. Timbren axleless suspension and articulated device. Go anywhere. Film Winter Is Ready. Nomad was built for skiing. Explore all year round. Film Water On Board...
Ex Tax:$38,000.00
Brand: Darc Mono
Expeditionary electric car Darc Mono is a purpose-built expedition vehicle based on the latest generation Iveco Daily 4×4. Both the chassis and the living cabin meet the highest requirements of land transport, combined with the convenience of everyday use. It is ideal for two travelers as it has wat..
Ex Tax:$360.00
Mini house Boho XL Wide TRAILER: Individual trailer, anti-rust coating, steel floor joists, insulation, rodent-resistant steel bottom, radial tires, weight. rated axles, safety device, 2 5/16 "ball, leveling jacks, DOT lighting, 2-20 gallon LP tanks with adjuster. MODEL: Here are the places wh..
Ex Tax:$53,000.00
Motorhome Chausson Camper X550 AT THE CROSSROADS OF VAN AND CAMPING CAR THE BEST COMBINED VAN AND THE BEST AUTOMOTIVE! The X550 is neither a van nor a motorhome ... Chausson invents a new generation of vehicles that combines the agility of a van with the comfort of a low profile. Compact outsi..
Ex Tax:$82,000.00
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