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Closed electric motorcycle MonoRacer

Closed electric motorcycle MonoRacer
Closed electric motorcycle MonoRacer
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The MonoRacer is a fully enclosed electric motorcycle that stands out above the rest of its competitors. With its unique design, advanced power and performance, this bike redefines what it means to ride a motorcycle. MonoRacer offers luxury, quality performance and one of the best motorcycles on the market.

Elegant and powerful transport

MonoRacer is aesthetically pleasing, sleek and minimal in design. And despite its size and weight, it still manages to look slim and compact. In addition, he is ready to take on any speed limits. In fact, the MonoRacer can reach speeds of up to 150 mph.

It can also handle longer rides and has a range of up to 248.5 miles. This way you can do long rides on this bike without having to worry about losing power when riding long distances. MonoRacer can reach high speeds, but it also slows down to accommodate different travel needs.

However, short rides or quick rides are perfect for this bike too. You can easily take a fast cruise around your city or surroundings on this bike for real speed!

Suitable for more than one person

Unlike other cockpit motorcycles, the MonoRacer can carry two people: a driver and a passenger. This fast and beautifully designed bike is not hampered by the weight of more than one person. In fact, you will have enough room to stretch out and move around in this vehicle. And you can still reach top speed!

Futuristic design and aesthetics

MonoRacer not only looks sleek but also looks like it belongs in a futuristic setting. In fact, this bike is not like other motorcycles at all. Thanks to its innovative design, it overcomes aesthetic barriers. And it really grabs attention with its astounding physical characteristics.

So, if you're looking for a bike that's perfect for your favorite sci-fi movies or shows, definitely consider adding the MonoRacer to your vehicle collection!

MonoRacer prioritizes your safety

Safety is also critical to MonoRacer. The team behind this bike has made sure you have the safest ride possible when using the MonoRacer. As a result, this closed motorcycle has several key safety features.

Of course, the seat belts are attached to the bike cab. These are reliable three-point harnesses that help keep your body in place while you ride. In addition, the MonoRacer cab itself is designed for maximum safety even in the event of a head-on collision!

Indeed, no one wants to have a motorcycle accident. However, in the event of an accident, unlike other motorcycles, you will not be in immediate danger if you are involved in an accident with your MonoRacer. The egg shape of the motorcycle reduces the impact of oncoming vehicles and external forces. In addition, the MonoRacer's hardness also helps protect the rider in its cockpit. In fact, you won't find a safer motorcycle to ride!

Protection and maximum comfort

MonoRacer is designed for maximum comfort and storage. The designers of this product spared no expense for this luxury. As a result, MonoRacer is user-friendly and powerful.

And you can even store your personal belongings on the bike. There is a compartment that is 4.2 cubic meters. This way you can easily store your luggage in your motorcycle. This will come in handy if you are traveling!

Indeed, with the MonoRacer, you don't have to give up speed to get a smooth and luxurious ride. The motorcycle cab provides the highest levels of support and comfort. In addition, the seats are made of plush and soft leather, which provides comfort for the back and legs.

Eco-friendly and economical transportation option

Finally, MonoRacer is an environmentally friendly form of transport. The MonoRacer is powered by a rechargeable battery. This way, you don't have to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on polluting gas.

Instead, all you have to do is charge your MonoRacer and it will last you up to 248.5 miles. This is from one charge! Charging your bike doesn't take that long. MonoRacer is fully charged in 5 hours. You can also charge it for three and a half hours for an eighty percent charge.

Again, other more conventional bikes simply don't offer that much value. Motorcycles are less polluting than other types of vehicles. But if you want to get rid of gas completely and use electricity, MonoRacer is the perfect option for you! You save money and help preserve the environment!

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