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Brand: Zapata Racing
Flyboard® Air is a turboprop board with unparalleled mobility. Its advanced stabilization system, as well as redundant propulsion, control and stabilization systems, allow it to comply with flight safety standards. Flyboard ® Air is the smallest redundant aircraft ever built. This car could lose it..
Ex Tax:$30,000.00
The JB10 is very similar to the JB9 except for increased fuel and thrust, and more sophisticated computer engine controls and pilot displays. We're not making the JB9 anymore, but this is the version our CEO flew around the Statue of Liberty in 2015. The JB10 is powered by two specially modified t..
Ex Tax:$295,000.00
The JB 11 is powered by six turbojet engines specially modified for vertical flight. Each engine produces approximately 90 pounds of thrust. A sophisticated engine computer balances the thrust between the engines and, in the unlikely event of engine failure, allows the pilot to maintain control and ..
Ex Tax:$340,000.00
THE MARTIN JETPACKThe Martin Jetpack is a game changer for aviation. It has been designed to be the world’s most practical and safest OPV: Optionally Piloted Vehicle. It can be flown manned, unmanned or as a mule.After 35 years of dedicated research and using the most advanced composite technology a..
Ex Tax:$86,000.00
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