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Tertill Corporation

Tertill Corporation
Country: USA

Outdoor automation and intelligence.

Tertill Corporation is a home robotics company based in the Greater Boston area. Founded by Roomba inventor Joe Jones and robotics veteran Rory McKean, Tertill Corporation is led by Helen Greiner, co-founder of iRobot.

Tertill Corporation's flagship product, Tertill, is the world's first robot for autonomous garden weeding.

Tertill is weatherproof and solar powered, so it can stay in the garden all season long. Tertill not only kills weeds, but also inhibits their growth.

The specially designed Tertill wheel churns the soil surface to kill pre-emergence weeds. Any weeds that manage to grow are chopped off with the Tertill trimmer until they run out of energy and die. The Cornell School of Agriculture found the Tertilla weeding method to be as effective as hand weeding.

Brand: Tertill
Tertill lets you weed your garden at the touch of a button, no programming required. Its rugged waterproof casing and large solar panel allows it to stay in the garden all season long, working only in the sun. Have a more beautiful and more abundant garden - no weeding!Includes:Solar powered weeding..
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