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Solar Tape Infinity PV

Solar Tape Infinity PV
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Solar Tape Infinity PV
Solar Tape Infinity PV is a flexible organic solar tape with an additional translucent adhesive on the front or back that acts as a solar sticker. Your imagination is the only limitation for solar ribbon applications. It can be applied to rods, window blinds, window frames, glass, drones / RC aircraft fenders, cabinets, etc. wherever you want and where you need energy. The solar strip is ideal for solar energy integrators, sensor devices, Internet of Things (IoT), electronic projects, manufacturers, and DIY hobbyists.

NEW: Solar Tape works well with specially designed OPV3W60V DC / DC converter board for battery charging or USB direct output.

Infinity PV solar tape can be applied like regular wrinkled adhesive tapes and functions like a solar sticker (see video). It can be supplied without glue on request, while we want you to apply it in the same way as a regular adhesive backed tape. The adhesive is pressure sensitive and you need to determine the placement of the Solar Tape. The surface must be smooth and clean. Once applied, it cannot be fixed or removed without damaging the solar cells, so you need to fix it the first time. With a little practice, you will master it. Solar Tape is available in 30mm, 60mm and 110mm standard widths with larger widths upon request based on our solar foil design. You can contact and solder the solar tape as described in this video. Solar Tape works well with the specially designed OPV3W60V DC / DC converter board for battery charging or USB direct output.

Solar Tape is based on the concept of infinity and is available in unidirectional and bi-directional versions. The voltage builds up along the length of the foil.

unidirectional solar tape: positive and negative pins are at opposite ends of the tape
bi-directional solar tape: two separate strings or positive and negative terminals adjacent to either end of the foil
It is also possible to make a 3-pin device using this configuration for applications requiring + / ground / - power.

Above, we show how you can easily remove the liner and apply Solar Tape to the rods and window blinds. The video instructions describe how to contact and solder the wires to the solar tape at any point (DIY). We can also supply electronics for your application in the form of DC-to-DC converters that monitor the output power of the solar cell in your installation and allow the energy to be stored in a battery or used directly. Let us know about your needs, we are ready to help.

Infinity PV Solar Tape Specifications and Prices
IMPORTANT WARNING. These solar cells create potentially lethal stress over a length of over 10 cm, depending on the layout. You need to download, sign and send us the Customer Awareness Statement before we ship this product to you.

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