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Smart House

Smart House
Hydraloop Systems BV designs and manufactures revolutionary, award-winning decentralized water recycling products that are the first of their kind in the world. Hydraloop Systems BV offers a wide range of smart and innovative water recycling products for homes, buildings and boutique hotels. Recycli..
Ex Tax:$4,000.00
Brand: Aspara
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001 - Gardening is a healing and rewarding pastime that can be difficult to accomplish in urban homes with little or no open space, so products like the Aspara AS1001 Smart Grower can easily support food growing. The sleek device has 16 capsule growing holes and boas..
Ex Tax:$2,900.00
Kitchen Robot Moley - The future has already arrived Moley is a revolutionary step into the future of home cooking. This is the world's first fully robotic kitchen. Moley's robotic kitchen allows you to save time, free your day from the hassle of cooking, plan and adapt your menu to suit differen..
Ex Tax:$360,000.00
Brand: Build Tiny
Motorhome Cyril the Tiny House Introducing Cyril A tiny house, lovingly named after our clients' grandfather, who has long been a tiny house enthusiast. This home is packed with unique and practical features. Many have been designed with Elivs and Snacks in mind (our clients are rescue cats). This ..
Ex Tax:$122,000.00
Brand: Deciwatt
NowLight lamp - Create instant light and power with a single pull on the cord! The light can now be charged from sunlight or mains power using a 3W solar panel and DC cable included The backlight now has six brightness settings from 5 to 160 lumens and a 5V USB port for charging mobile devices. Co..
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The new Roborock S7 Vacuum, based on sonic vibration technology, has revolutionized the way we clean. The robot vacuum cleaner removes dried stains and stains with sound. Its ultra-fast vibrating sonic mop washes the floor up to 3,000 times per minute for deeper, more efficient cleaning. Featuring a..
Ex Tax:$600.00
Robot bartender Toni Mark Shakr Efficiency: Reduce fixed costs with a fast machine that runs 24/7. Experience: Offer your customers an unforgettable experience Personalization: Let your customers create their own drinks Data Access: Know Your Customers' Alcohol Habits With One Touch Customizati..
Ex Tax:$110,000.00
Brand: Scribit
Scribit Wall Printer a robot for writing and erasing Scribit Help Guide Coiled Power Cable Free Download Link for Scribit App (iOS and Android) Your chosen 12 markers Where to install it? Scribit can be easily installed indoors and painted on standard plaster, dry / erasable paint (whiteboard)..
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Brand: HydroArtPod
Smart Garden The HydroArtPod is a smart indoor garden grow kit that lets you grow many of your favorite vegetables at home. EASY HydroArtPod is a smart indoor growing garden kit that makes things easy for you! It's easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and you don't need any gardening kn..
Ex Tax:$815.00
Brand: SproutsIO
Grow your own vegetable garden!The SproutsIO solution gives you the most complete and enjoyable gardening experience available wherever you are through the SproutsIOGrow mobile app.With access to carefully curated Personal Produce ™ offerings, grow what you want the way you like in a high-performanc..
Ex Tax:$800.00
Tabletop robot bartender Seearress In the future, robots will do a lot for us, including preparing and serving drinks. This tabletop bartender robot is a compact robot that can serve you drinks and collect bottle caps in its piggy bank. It also automatically throws bottles into the side waste bin. ..
Ex Tax:$600.00
Work station Imperator Works IW-J20 ZERO GRAVITY RELAY WORKSTATION GAMING CHAIR Monitor configurations: Easily mounts with monitors with VESA mount configurations 75x75, 100x100. Single 32: 9 up to 49 "ultra-wide curved monitor. Single ultra-wide monitor 21: 9 up to 38 inches. 16: 9 single moni..
Ex Tax:$3,800.00
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