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Smart Garden HydroArtPod

Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
Smart Garden HydroArtPod
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Smart Garden The HydroArtPod is a smart indoor garden grow kit that lets you grow many of your favorite vegetables at home.

HydroArtPod is a smart indoor growing garden kit that makes things easy for you! It's easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and you don't need any gardening knowledge as it's all done for you.

HydroArtPod is very effective. The water is recycled in a closed system and special growing lamps optimize plant growth. Unique support arms allow you to grow larger plants, and the large capacity satisfies the needs of the household indefinitely. The HydroArtPod is wall-mounted to fit into any space, large or small.

The intelligent HydroArtPod technology helps you achieve the best results in an active life. You don't need to remember when to change water or worry about turning on the lights - the app takes care of that for you.

A stunning minimal design with great natural light that looks great anywhere, especially in your living room.

Stop Gardening, Start Growing Smart!
Learn how easy it is to grow fresh produce at home with this home growing kit.

Compact indoor growing
The HydroArtPod not only saves space by hanging on the wall rather than taking up floor space, but it also becomes a very personal piece of art - even before the plants grow. Save your precious living space and grow on the wall instead.

Let smart technology make things easier
The functions of this indoor garden are fully automated. It's that easy - you can just enjoy it! Built-in sensors measure light, water and fertilizer and automatically determine what to do. If he requires you to participate, he will inform you about it.

Feed your family
In this home garden, you can grow over 30 plants at the same time, allowing you to feed your family every day. You have the option to harvest whole plants or just use a few leaves of each so you can enjoy it for longer. You will never run out of fresh produce as you can alternate crops in growing cycles.

Fully integrated
HydroArtPod combines all the features in one design. Germinate, grow and harvest with the HydroArtPod. No additional hardware required. And when you go on a well-deserved vacation, the HydroArtPod has a vacation feature so you can leave in peace.

The application is connected
This smart garden allows you to monitor the health of your plants, as well as water and nutrient levels from your smartphone, and it informs you when your salad is ready! It is equipped with built-in diffused light, which creates a wonderful atmosphere even when there is a break in the garden.

Grow all your favorites
HydroArtPod can grow many different fruits and vegetables. This way, everyone in your family will get what they want. The app has recipes and a community feature so you can find like-minded people nearby, exchange tips, and even let them know if you have too many products and want to share.

Free from
There is no need to treat plants with chemicals. Indoor cultivation basically eliminates the risk of pests. Not only does your gardening at home know exactly how your food was grown, and your fresh produce can go from pan to plate in 60 seconds while retaining all the vitamins!

365 days indoor growing
With built-in high efficiency grow lights, the HydroArtPod can grow many different fruits and vegetables all year round, no matter the climate or even the location of the house.

Change the world with a smart home
Each of us plays an important role on this planet. All of us together can really change something. Sometimes people are not sure where to start. Why not start with something that will benefit both your family and the world around us.

Accumulation of small changes
What if every indoor garden block could help reduce your carbon footprint? What if every vertical farming system saves valuable water resources? What if we were finally able to find out again where our food comes from and enjoy it with satisfaction as a result, since it is free of chemicals and pesticides? To show our kids that food doesn't grow on the supermarket shelf, but is actually easy to make yourself?

In this we indoor hydroponic garden units will help. Similar to how people started using photovoltaic (solar) panels to generate their own electricity at home, imagine the consequences if, over time, each family owned a covered farm, producing what they needed at home? Think of plastic packaging that their food doesn't need, fuel and transportation that it doesn't require, and finally food waste that just won't happen.

Start making changes - click below to register your interest, or do it yourself and click here. Indoor grow kit for smart home: one, two or more
Smart home growth: be part of the solution, not a problem
So, you strive to make a difference and you enjoy feeding your family your first organic home grown produce, but you are wondering, “What about the environment and how much has indoor garden production affected it? Am I looking to buy? "
Film This is a smart question. If you care about the environment and it is important to you that the device you are about to buy is green in mind, you should make sure that the company that sells the devices to you has available information that explains how they used recycled materials and also ensures full transparency of how they are produced.

Good change

In this way, indoor gardens are fantastic devices that help the environment, reduce our contribution to climate change, become more sustainable and, as a result, make the world a better place. The more people choose to grow at home, the more independent we become from a long and expensive food supply chain - which is important in the best of times, critically important in the current public health situation in which we find ourselves. A sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.

You can be healthy and live a longer, happier life by changing and growing your own fresh produce at home.

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