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Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001

Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001
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Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001 - Gardening is a healing and rewarding pastime that can be difficult to accomplish in urban homes with little or no open space, so products like the Aspara AS1001 Smart Grower can easily support food growing.

The sleek device has 16 capsule growing holes and boasts an automated LED system at the top that can be adjusted to suit your choice of lighting setting. The soil-free system can be monitored using the included smartphone app so that users can stay in contact with their plants to ensure they are maintained and thrived.

The Aspara AS1001 Smart Grower is easy to use and also ideal for avid growers looking to maintain a fresh supply outside of the normal growing season. Grow healthy fresh vegetables and herbs right on your kitchen countertop.

With a combination of LED grow lights, automatic irrigation and advanced sensors, aspara is a connected home garden management system that grows for you.

Hydroponic Growing System
Aspara indoor garden intelligent hydroponics system. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in an aqueous, nutrient-rich solution without soil.

Would you like to grow food indoors without clutter?
Aspara the smart hydroponic grower will support you. It allows you to grow 16 plants at the same time. With 10 sensors in this garden, you can accurately monitor the growth of your plants. The device has an interactive touch panel for changing settings and selecting growth programs. The AS1001 Intelligent Gardener has a 0.79 gallon water capacity. It is equipped with lamps with adjustable intensity and spectrum to ensure optimal growth. You can control this indoor garden from your iOS / Android device via Wi-Fi.

aspara is a smart hydroponic grower that helps you grow fresh and healthy vegetables and herbs right on your kitchen countertop.
Using a combination of adjustable LED Grow lights, automatic irrigation system, advanced sensors and the Aspara mobile app, Aspara does the job for you.
Aspara makes unity as easy as growing fresh, healthy meals.

INDOOR GARDENING SYSTEM: Enjoy fresh produce, herbs and flowers all year round with an as-para hydroponic grower. Plants grow naturally in water, so there is no dirty soil that is free of GMOs and pesticides or herbicides.

HARVEST IN 30 DAYS: The smart hydroponic grower accelerates the natural growth of plants by creating and controlling optimal conditions for plant growth. See how aspara grows your food 5x faster than traditional methods.

CAPACITY OF 16 PLANTS: The large capacity of the aspara indoor grower can hold up to 16 plants per cycle, so you can enjoy a variety of salad greens, herbs, vegetables, flowers and more any time of the year.

EASY AND EASY TO GROW: Insert the seed capsules of your choice and fill the removable tank with water and aspara will walk you through the instructions to start growing. As your plants grow, the aspara app will alert you when care is needed. Harvest and enjoy your produce in just 30 days

SMART SENSORS: 10 built-in smart sensors accurately track growing conditions by detecting water level, nutrient levels, light intensity, humidity, air and water temperature, and more. Sensors will adjust lighting, water flow and planting modes according to the needs of your plant.

AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION: The fully automated central water system takes care of the hydration and nutrition of your plants using a special ebb and flow technology. Fresh oxygenated air is delivered to the roots after each watering cycle to help the plants grow strong and aromatic. Removable water tank for easy and hassle-free filling.

INTELLIGENT LED LIGHTS: Unique 86 LED design provides the optimal combination of light spectrum and intensity for plant thriving. 30 preset light ratios specially adapted for 15 different plants or adjust the spectrum and light intensity to suit your needs.

APP GUIDED: Monitor and control your aspara maker with an intuitive app available for iOS and Android. Receive notifications for water or nutrient additions and view graphs with detailed temperature, humidity and refresh illumination. Great for checking growth status even when you are away from home

INTERACTIVE TOUCH PANEL: An easy-to-use control panel allows you to customize growing programs or manually make adjustments to settings right at the gardener.

NOTE: Seed kits can be purchased separately and are not included in the package.

Hydroponic growing method eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides, PLUS:
aspara consumes 90% less water *
aspara does not depend on the weather
aspara accelerates plant growth by 50% *
Grow effortlessly
* compared to traditional agriculture

Intelligent Grow Light
Smart Grow Light stimulates growth by automatically changing the spectrum and intensity of light given to your plants as they grow. The lights can be quickly switched to white, dimmed or turned off according to your life needs. For growers who like to experiment, the light can be easily programmed to suit individual lighting patterns.

Removable tank and automatic watering
From seed to harvest, the patented irrigation system discreetly keeps your plants hydrated and nourished. Thanks to its special ebb and flow technology, it delivers fresh oxygenated air to the roots after each watering cycle. It promotes root growth and helps your plants grow strong and flavorful.

Removable reservoir helps to avoid clutter when refilling water.

Smart sensors
Aspara uses built-in smart sensors and an innovative control system to make growing easy and fun. They work together to ensure that your plants always have the right amount of water, root aeration, and nutrients.

Using the latest technology, Aspara automatically detects and controls the concentration of nutrients, water temperature, air temperature, humidity and the amount of water in its system. All you have to do is add water and nutrients when you get notified.

How to use Aspara:
1 Fill Aspara with the seed capsules of your choice.
2 Fill the reservoir with water.
3 Follow the instructions to start boarding
4 Aspara will alert you when you need help
5 In just 30 days, harvest herbs and vegetables

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