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Smart House

Smart House
Brand: August
Specifications: Overall dimensions Smart lock Width: 65.4 mm (2.7 inches) Height: 120.6 mm (4.8 inches) Depth (including handle): 54.0 mm (2.1 inches) Weight: 15.5 ounces Plug-in Wi-Fi bridge Width: 59.9 mm (2.4 inches) Height: 59.9 mm (2.4 inches) Depth: 38.9 mm (1.5 inches) Weight: 2.8 ..
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What's so special about Amplitec 5g mobile signal booster?     The first point is Support 4G+5G input and output, not only support 5g frequency. At present, this technology Amplitec is very mature, and we will gradually open the customization of 4g+5g tri-band, q..
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AgeLOC Boost home cosmetic device is a revolutionary cosmetic device system designed to help make skin radiant. We're talking about visibly brighter, plumper, firmer skin with a youthful glow and a more even complexion. Ease of use (just two minutes a day) ageLOC Boost gives you a burst of beauty wi..
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Brand: Altwork
WHAT DOES Altwork Station DO? The alternative workstation changes the definition of how people interact with their computers, allowing the computer's screen and keyboard to physically adapt to support the user's body during long hours of computer use. Unlike standard desk and chair workstations, h..
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Brand: Innovaqua
Innovaqua Nube SS30 captures up to 30 liters of water per day nnovaqua Nube - Air-to-water generator Gears / Water Tired of paying so much to deliver water in these heavy and difficult to load 5 gallon jugs? Then simply prepare water straight out of thin air with this cool new Innovaqua Nube SS3..
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Brand: Ecocapsule
Autonomous home Space Ecocapsule - SPACE by Ecocapsule ® is a semi-autonomous microsystem with a beautiful ORIGINAL design and solar panels to collect green energy. This gives an additional 6.3 m2 of living space to any building or space used. This could be your home garden office, a small business ..
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Cool Sleep BFan bed fan will help you sleep deeper and longer, help stop night sweats and give you the rest you deserve. BFan® is quiet, gentle, stable and powerful when you need it. The innovative bFan® design removes the heat generated by your body and stays inside the bed (sheets, blankets and m..
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Cordless vacuum cleaner Hizero BionicFloor - Bionic cleaning technology was inspired by the way a dog collects food (liquid or solid) with its tongue. The idea of ​​"self-cleaning" is also defined by how the dog's saliva removes germs. Introducing our revolutionary hard floor cleaning Hizero takes r..
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Brand: Droplette
Droplette Skin Nebulizer - Imagine Nespresso meets a nebulizer for local drug delivery. The Droplette is a handheld device that transforms treatment capsules into a high-speed micro-mist that penetrates the skin to a depth of ~ 20 cell layers. Without needles and pain, it achieves the depth of absor..
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Brand: MWE Lab
With the signature Emperor scorpion shape and shape, industrial grade steel construction, tilt capability, integrated audio, LED lighting and more, Emperor is the future of high-end home and office computing environments. Emperor offers functionality that allows the user to experience unparalleled..
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Brand: MIT Media Lab
Essence wearable olfactory device MIT Media Lab - Essence Wearable Devices: Biometric Olfactory Interfaces for Day and Night Operation Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) has traditionally focused on developing and researching interfaces that provide explicit visual, auditory, or tactile feedback. We..
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Brand: Deciwatt
Gravitational lamp GravityLight - Instant light from lifting a load! Hang GravityLight on a wall or ceiling, fill a bag with stones or sand and lift it up. You may not be aware of it, but you have just created a battery. When the bag slowly drops to the ground, it starts the generator through the..
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