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Country: USA

Everyday air mobility. Powered by hydrogen. Powered by simplicity. Skai is a radically simple air mobility system designed to move from point A to any location. This is the first eVTOL vehicle and service to run on hydrogen. Sky uses a truly clean source of energy from start to finish. This removes the complexity to create the most reliable and secure solution. Sky provides everyday transportation that is accessible to everyone. Skai is developed by Alaka'i Technologies, a pioneer in the air mobility sector, based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Their vision is to make air mobility an everyday opportunity for millions of people with minimal environmental impact. Skai's hydrogen fuel cell air mobility system embodies this ambition, directly addressing today's transportation challenges and their impact on people and the planet. Skai's point-to-point travel benefits range from reduced travel time and stress to low-carbon freight services; from first responders in natural disasters to medical aviation. Founded in 2006, Alaka'i has always been a major asset in its employees, who have drawn on their many years of experience. Core team members have served in leadership positions at NASA, Raytheon, and Beechcraft. Through its efforts, Skai strives to make a significant contribution to improving transportation for all and Beechcraft. Powered by hydrogen. Based on simplicity.

Skai is a radically simple air mobility system designed to move from point A to any location. This removes complexity while providing unprecedented levels of reliability and security. It uses hydrogen fuel cells to deliver truly clean energy from start to finish.

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Only simplicity can solve the most complex problems of today, create a practical transport for everyone. Powerful solution, SIMPLE, SAFE and CLEAN.

Hydrogen is the cleanest energy solution. Offers the lowest environmental impact of any fuel on the planet. Skai hydrogen fuel cells are 95% recyclable and the remaining 5% can be 99% recyclable. It is part of an ecologically positive life cycle that approaches zero with every generation. And its only release is clean water.

Simplicity = Security

Security is not a belief system or a feature. This is the result of purposeful design. Our simple approach creates the safest results possible. It eliminates potential points of failure while optimizing and backing up critical components. The result is reliable, fail-safe technology. In other words, it is a fundamentally safe system.

Simplicity is the solution.

We believe simplicity is smart engineering. It is a deeply rational process that leads to better decisions. Skai's advanced simple design is a good example. It can be produced efficiently and in large quantities, making Skai more accessible to everyone. It also increases the benefits, reducing traffic and pollution, and improving our quality of life. All thanks to the power of simplicity.

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