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Delivery Robot Camello Otsaw

Delivery Robot Camello Otsaw
Delivery Robot Camello Otsaw
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Delivery Robot Camello Otsaw
Delivery Robot Camello Otsaw
Delivery Robot Camello Otsaw
Last Mile Delivery Robot Camello
The last mile of the supply chain, which accounts for a significant portion of transportation costs and operational complexity, is often the most inefficient. Such distribution inefficiencies in urban areas are due to low load rates, long waiting times at loading and unloading points, and high demand for delivery to individual customers at short notice.

Camello a robot connected to the app that can autonomously deliver your parcels and disinfect them with UV light. Camello from OTSAW has intelligent path planning. It can be added to the schedule from your mobile device. It also allows for convenient tracking of applications.

Camello uses a UVC module to disinfect the packages inside. It has watertight compartments that can hold up to 100 liters. The robot has 360-degree LiDAR, cameras and sonar for environmental perception.

Destruction and transformation
We want to disrupt and transform the last mile delivery service. We will provide a Robot as a Service business model for shipping companies and retailers. We will partner with these industry players and be the instrumental link in this ecosystem to provide a new delivery chain to improve the customer experience. This will help businesses improve efficiency and profitability over time.

Robot as a Service (Raas).
At OTSAW, we offer our subscription-based security, delivery and disinfection robot services to help you shorten your time to benefit and be more flexible.
RaaS enables you to enjoy state-of-the-art quality service and flawless customer experiences from setup to deployment and operation.
Your contract includes customization, training, maintenance, and software updates to keep your OTSAW device performing at its best.
Last mile delivery is becoming an increasingly serious problem for businesses in consumer markets. Due to the development of many shopping malls and residential complexes in Singapore, there is a large gap in demand for supply in residential complexes and a shortage of supply from retailers.

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