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Gripper High-power H-SERIES

Gripper High-power H-SERIES
Gripper High-power H-SERIES
Gripper High-power H-SERIES
Gripper High-power H-SERIES
Gripper High-power H-SERIES
Gripper High-power H-SERIES H2017

20kg Payload
1700 mm Reach
± 0.1 mm Repeatability

Key Features
High + payload
Has an amazing payload, capable of handling heavy objects weighing up to 20 kg with ease.

High + safety
Provides superior operator safety with industry-leading collision sensitivity based on six torque sensors and a gravity compensation algorithm

High + flexibility
Offers more flexible workspace settings with easy movement of the robot in place, as well as easy connection and installation of ARM, which became possible with half the weight of collaborative robots of the same class

High + performance
Maximize efficiency and productivity with faster cycle times and excellent ROI that can return your investment in no time

Stacking and Palletizing Heavy Items for Logistics and Automated Procedures

Car care
Load heavy objects into the CNC machine and load / unload them from / to the pallet

Handling Heavy Objects
Stacking, transporting and handling several objects at the same time in rapidly changing production processes, for example in the logistics and textile industry

Main components
A control device capable of interfacing with a variety of automation equipment and peripherals as it supports a full range of the latest communication technologies.
Teaching Pendant
An educational device offering ease of use similar to that of a tablet PC and with the inclusion of the DART platform, it is capable of simple programming as well as customization of various applications.

H-SERIES Options
DC Controller
Control unit with compact design, allowing easy installation in various mobile robots such as AGV and AMR.

Controller (Steel) - Coming Soon
Robust IP54 rated control device that guarantees stable operation even in harsh industrial environments.

Direct Learning Button
Direct teaching button, allowing you to select different teaching modes as well as store coordinates with simple button operations.

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